Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

Christmastime comes with a great number of intrigues. It is bubbly and festive, and a lot of things come together to make this season truly exceptional, including the decorations. Over the years, we have seen people take Christmas decorations to the extreme; some of them turn out to be good while others turn out horribly.

We have compiled a number of decorations we consider the worst Christmas decorations ever. These designs being used during Christmas are ordinarily not wrong, but how they turn out is truly horrendous and worthy of mention, if not for laughs they can at least be a source of caution to people who might want to try these design concepts. So let us enjoy these epic design fails!

Christmas is ordinarily a holiday where we buy so many ornaments and design items to get the perfect decoration for our various homes, from Christmas trees and Christmas lights to statues of Santa. Considering the great number of things we put up and into decorations for Christmas, it is understandable why some of these fails can happen. Too much could actually be too much, less could be more, and too little could be too little. Finding the right balance is key therefore we hope that this voyage into our list of the worst Christmas decorations ever will help you find the much-needed balance when it comes to Christmas decorations. The right decorations should help you get into the Christmas spirit easily.

Worst Christmas Decorations

  • Suicide guy: This horrible Christmas decoration photo from the internet looks like a person that is trying to commit suicide. This statue of a guy was placed on a bridge holding a sign reading “I’m coming.” It was supposed to mean that Christmas is coming, but it was misinterpreted by so many people that the figure wanted to actually commit suicide. This misunderstanding is understandable, because a guy holding a sign stating that they are coming while at the edge of a bridge screams of potential suicide. Of course, this would make the top our list of horrible Christmas decorations ever.
  • The hanging man: This decoration was a man hanging onto the roof of a building, people started trying to help it without realizing that it was a fake, some people went as far as getting ladders to try and help this “man” get off the roof.
  • Phallic candle holders: We all know that it is very hard to get through the Christmas season without using candles and candle holders. These phallic-looking candle holders are definitely part of our worst decorations for Christmas. They’re just inappropriate.
  • Butt plug artificial Christmas tree: Enough said. Just… Eww.
  • I’ve been a good girl Santa please stop: (Huh?) Creepy, right?! Just NOPE.

These are just a few of the worst Christmas decorations we’ve seen this year on the internet. Share your thoughts and sightings with us in the comments below!