Why is Sugar Considered an Organic Compound?

Sugar is an organic compound. In chemistry, a substance that contains carbon is the definition of an organic compound, because this is something found only in living organisms. So if you are wondering why sugar is considered an organic compound when it is often seen as processed and unnatural, this is the reason.  Sugar is made up of a long chain of carbon atoms, and its role is to provide energy for living things and to build structure.

More About Sugar

Sugar is a carbohydrate, and for dietary purposes, there are two types of carbs; simple carbs, also called simple sugars, which are present in fruits and include fructose, glucose, and lactose – present in dairy produce. There are also complex carbs, which are present in starchy vegetables, rice, and whole grains. There is nothing wrong with any of these for health when eaten as part of a healthy balanced diet.

The problem arises when you eat too many simple carbs as added sugars or as simple unrefined carbs, such as pastries, white rice, and white bread. This is because the body breaks down all carbs into simple sugars, and because these quickly enter the bloodstream, it raises blood sugar levels too quickly, it overloads the body and causes health problems such as diabetes.

So wondering why is sugar considered an organic compound when it obviously has such a detrimental effect upon health is missing the point. It is not the sugar that is bad as such, it is the way we consume so much of it in the average U.S. diet, because simple sugars are added to just about everything it can be hard to avoid.

How to Balance Sugar Intake

There are some dietary supplements that can help you. Standard Process is a professional grade supplement range that can help you maintain good health and enables the body to function at its best. One of their products the Standard Process 10 Day Blood Sugar Support Kit helps you manage blood sugar levels. The kit contains four supplements and a patient program guide, and is the perfect way to get started on a blood-sugar support routine.

The Allergy Research Group also lead the way with providing supplements that do not aggravate common allergies. Allergy Research Group Sugar Balance Formula is a natural supplement based on traditional Indian healing methods of Ayurveda. The supplement contains natural ingredients that are proven to help the body metabolize sugar with components including white kidney bean extract, melon seed, and turmeric all proven to help the body maintain healthy sugar levels.

The next time you wonder why sugar is considered an organic compound, remember that we do need sugar for energy and that carbohydrates are an important food group. However, by changing your diet to something more natural and supporting your dietary changes with either of these two supplements, you can bring your body back to a normal healthy balance. 

It is true that we do all eat far too much sugar, but it is a mistake to believe that something that can be so bad for health is unnatural. Sugar is a natural organic substance. But to keep safe we should only use it with caution.