Why Do Guinea Pigs Whistle?

Why do guinea pigs whistle? Who knew they even did, but once you get your furry little friend home, you will certainly notice it! Guinea pigs are surprisingly vocal and can use a number of different sounds for communication. Understanding what these sounds mean will help you know how your guinea pig is feeling, and it will help you get closer to your guinea pig companion.

Basics About Guinea Pigs as Pets

It is important to point out that guinea pigs are very sociable creatures and prefer to live in social groups rather than on their own, because they can become bored and lonely. If you do keep one solitary guinea pig it is important to give him plenty of attention to avoid this from happening. In our opinion, if you are going to keep a guinea pig, you may as well keep a couple of them so that your pets are happier and more content and do not become depressed if you lack time to give them as much attention as they need.

Why do guinea pigs whistle is usually a sign that your pet is excited about something such as feeding time or playing. The sound can be a high pitched squeal or a whistle, and is sometimes referred to as wheeking. Your guinea pig may do it when he or her sees you, especially if he associates you with food and playtime. They also do it amongst themselves. Here are more details about particular guinea pig sounds.

7 Common Guinea Pig Sounds

Chutting or Purring: These sound mean they are content and are going about their daily business quite happily. These sounds can have different meanings; if the sound is low pitched and similar to a frog’s croak, it signifies your guinea pig is relaxed.

High Purr: A higher pitched purr suggests that your guinea pig is annoyed. If the purring is very short-lived and your guinea pig is motionless, it suggests that he or she is frightened of something.

Shrieking: This is not something your guinea pig will do that often, and it is a sign that he or she is frightened or injured. If you hear this, you need to check your guinea pig for signs of injury, and try to find out why he or she is so spooked.

Hissing: This is a sound meaning “Back off!” Guinea pigs will hiss at each other and to you as a warning sign if they feel they need some space.

Cooing: Guinea pigs coo at their special humans they love and at their babies, and it is a sign off affection.

Chirping: Guinea pigs can sometimes make a chirping sound. It can sound uncannily like a bird. They sometimes do this when in a trance-like state, and it can be associated with grief. Owners have mentioned that this noise can happen after a loss of a guinea pig partner.

Rumbling: This is a mating sound that males will make to attract females, and females make to show that they are up for love. Females come into season every 16 days or so, but this state only lasts for around 8 hours.

Guinea pigs are fascinating adorable animals that make great pets. Once you know why do guinea pigs whistle, it will not be too long before you know exactly how your guinea pig is feeling and what he or she is trying to say!