Which is Better: Baby Yoda vs. Baby Groot?

This is a difficult question. When it comes to Baby Yoda vs. Baby Groot, both these characters are unbelievably cute, so whoever comes out the winner will largely depend upon your own personality and feelings about the films these characters come from.

Baby Yoda (‘The Child’) from ‘The Mandalorian’ Series

First up let’s first take a look at Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda is cute. He is mystical and for a baby incredibly wise. Of course he is supposed to be 50 years old, but with this unnamed alien species, who are very long living; this is still a baby in relative alien terms. Baby Yoda can’t speak – he babbles in a cute baby way but is highly emotionally intelligent, empathising with different species and trying to help cure injuries in a way that is far beyond his baby status.

With his cute little pointed face, big ears innocence, and kind hearted nature – Baby Yoda brings lightness to the Mandalorian. We would all like a little friend like Baby Yoda. He has had his violent moments, such as when he used the force to choke Cara Dune, but mostly Baby Yoda is adorable and childlike.  So does this mean that when it comes to Baby Yoda vs. Baby Groot, we have a clear winner?

Let’s take a look at Baby Groot to find out!

Baby Groot from ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’

“The Guardians of the Galaxy” films would not be the same without Baby Groot. Baby Groot is the son of Groot, an extraterrestrial tree monster played by Vin Diesel who was once cast as a bad guy but transformed into a hero.

Baby Groot travels with the Guardians across the Galaxy, and he unites them by cuteness. Baby Groot loves dancing and acts in a childlike way. Groot cannot speak, his tree construction makes him unable to communicate and the only communication is to say, “I am Groot.” Baby Groot has had his share of adventures in the film. He has been kidnapped and he has taken part in key moments such as planting a bomb as the only guardian small enough to fit into the space.

Baby Groot is playful and adventurous. His dancing is sublime and although like Baby Yoda, he cannot communicate in words, this appealing baby character is crucial to the Guardian movies as the other superheroes use him as a focus for displaying emotions and care.

So which is better – baby Yoda vs. baby Groot? Both have a lot to recommend them. We would tend to choose Baby Yoda as this character comes from an Alien species known for their great wisdom and it is very engaging to see this demonstrated by a baby character. 

However you can’t ignore the dancing ability of Baby Groot. This is so unbelievably cute and appealing, and in addition Baby Groot is more central to the plot of the Guardians than Baby Yoda is to the Star Wars series. So we vote for Baby Groot!