Where are the Weird Things on Google Maps?

The world is a fascinating and sometimes weird place. And with Google Earth providing and uploading images of the whole world on a continuous basis, there are plenty of interesting things to see. If you are wondering where the weird things are on Google maps, the simple answer is they are just about everywhere.

Weird stuff is all around us if we just know how and where to look for it. You can see weird things on Google maps from your own neighbourhood or anywhere else you care to look.

Google maps are created from the information provided by Google Earth and although both applications are connected they are used for different purposes. Google Maps is designed for practical purposes – such as giving you directions and helping you find the nearest Pizza Hut.

Google Earth by contrast is there to let us see the world in its entirety. Data is constantly being gathered from various satellite and aerial photography sources, and this combines to provide a stunning resource of information about our planet. Google Earth provides this data which is then used by Google Maps.

So where are the weird things on Google Maps?

To find weird stuff, check out the satellite pictures on Google Maps Street View. Because people never realized they are being filmed, Google Earth captures some very weird and often funny events. These may include drunk people, people having sex, animals doing weird things, ghostly encounters, and much more. If you find people fascinating and enjoy seeing the unexpected, scrolling through Street View can throw up some interesting results.

If you find these images yourself, and there are usually some in any neighborhood, you can share them online because people really can’t get enough of this stuff.

In addition Google maps can show a new view of the landscape. Aerial photography that captures the previously unseen views of landmarks can also throw up new mysteries, such as swastika shaped buildings, mysterious patterns in the landscape, and meteor craters. It can all feel very “Area 51”-esque when you notice a weird geometric shape in a desert that looks like a spaceship or a landing strip that has never previously even been noticed from the ground.

However, It turns out that for most of us, learning about the natural world and seeing our fantastic planet on Google Earth is not as interesting as seeing something weird on Google maps.

So in answer to the question, “Where are the weird things on Google Maps?,” it seems like the answer is anywhere and everywhere if you look carefully enough.