What to Wear Roller Skating

Roller skating is back in fashion! And although the trend in recent years has been towards roller blades, roller skates with their chunky four wheels are a lot more fun and far easier to use and hang out in. 

So what to wear roller skating will largely depend upon your own abilities, your budget and where you are likely to be doing most of your skating. 

Will you be roller skating at your local rink, outside on the street or everything in between? 

The same pair of roller skates will usually be suitable for most uses although if you are planning to take part in roller derby you will need something more specialised to cope with the rigours of this sport. 

Let’s take a look and find out what to wear roller skating and let’s start from the bottom up with the business end of the skate; the wheels. 


One of the first things to consider is the size of the wheels. Small wheels give you greater control and agility so are great for doing tricks, whereas larger wheels are better for covering long distance. 

Roller skate wheels also vary in materials. Softer wheels are ideal for skating outdoors whereas harder wheels are perfect for rink skating where the surface is even and flat. 

All the hardware on a good quality pair of roller skates can be changed so if you do find that your skates could do with some adjustment you won’t need to replace the roller skates completely.

The Boots

Like any type of footwear, roller skate boots are available in synthetic material or leather. Leather roller skating boots are usually more comfortable and less like to cause sweating. In addition leather is longer lasting and less likely to get damaged.

Check out the hardware on your roller skates. Always choose roller skates with metal fixings over plastic because they are more durable. 

What to wear roller skating has to be comfortable and this means that your skates should be snug fitting so that your foot is fully supported but not too tight so that it is uncomfortable. 

Most roller skates are in men sizes, rather than women’s and these are generally bigger and wider than the same size aimed at women. So if you are a woman you may need to drop down a size to compensate. If you buy online, bear the size in mind but if you can get to a store, take some advice from one of the experts.

What to wear roller skating otherwise will depend on your own style. But as long as you look good and can move easily, anything goes so skater skirts, jeans, leggings or anything else is perfectly fine for general skating wear.