What to Bring to an Amusement Park

Visiting an amusement park is a fun day out and the perfect destination for all the family. However it is usually a long day out too so to get the best experience it is important to be prepared for everything!  Otherwise you may find that your day is spoiled by some niggling irritation that could have been easily avoided.

The good news is that what to bring to an amusement park can easily fit into a backpack.

Check out our easy list to find out what to bring to an amusement park so that your day can be hassle free.


You are going to be outside all day; queuing for rides and generally hanging out in the great outdoors so don’t forget your sunscreen. Apply sunscreen before you set off on your day and reapply at regular intervals to prevent sun burn.

A change of clothes

A spare pair of shorts, a tee shirt and some flip flops can be easily stowed into a backpack yet is something that many visitors forget. It makes sound sense to bring a change of clothing so that you don’t have to spend the day in wet clothes if you get soaked on the water slide.

Sealable plastic baggies

You can get wet at an amusement park so protecting your cards, wallet and phone in a sealable plastic baggie in your backpack will help keep your belongings safe without having to rent a locker.

Phone Charger

Nothing is more annoying than wanting to take photos of your day and finding out that your phone has run out of charge. Bring your charger so that you can top up your power when it gets low. If you don’t have a portable recharger, there will be charging posts in the complimentary charging posts.


Although most amusement parks have a cashless system in place you will probably need some coins for amusement arcades or ice creams. So don’t forget to bring some cash.


Yes, you will be able to buy drinks at the amusement park but having your water with you will help you stay hydrated over the course of the day.


You can buy food at any amusement park but it can be more convenient and cheaper to bring your own. Find out if picnics are allowed and you will be able to enjoy lunch al fresco. If not some handy snacks and sweets will keep you going until the next mealtime.

What to bring to an amusement park will depend upon your own situation. If you have young children in tow, some disposable wet wipes will help clean sticky fingers and faces. It is important to consider the ride home too so bring some warmer clothing to leave in the car so that if it does turn cold, the kids will feel comfortable and sleepy for the ride back home.