What is the Strongest Bone in Your Body?

Your thighbone, more accurately known as your Femur, is the strongest bone in your body. For this reason it is the bone that is most often used for archaeological research, studies of anatomy and in forensic science.

Scientists can tell a lot from studying the femur. In Greece, scientists carried out a study of human remains obtained from an Ossuary in Thessalonica, focusing all their attention on this one bone. The study was carried out in order to expand advances in forensic medicine as well as for archaeological reasons. The scientists were able to accurately gauge the average size and body composition of people living in this area but more importantly the study of the femur has refined forensic science.

Determining whether a body or skeleton belongs to a man or a woman is critical in forensic investigation such as for missing persons or murder victims. Because a man’s femur is generally larger and more ragged in shape when compared to the smaller and flatter female thighbone it can be used to determine sex but this is not foolproof.  So this study has helped establish the parameters leading to 80% accuracy in sex identification based on the differences of this one bone between male and female that go beyond appearance alone.

Obviously it is extremely important for all of us to look after our bones. Osteoporosis is a condition that weakens bones and makes them more fragile and liable to break. It can be caused by aging, some medication and associated health conditions and is most typically suffered by people as they age.

To keep your bones strong, it is important to look after them by ensuring you have a good diet that contains plenty of calcium. Taking a supplement can also help.

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