What is the Only Mammal that Can’t Jump?

If you were to ask people the question, “What is the only mammal that can’t jump?”, the reply would most often be “Elephant.” This is correct, but elephants are not the only mammals that can’t jump. It turns out that hippos, rhinos, and sloths can’t jump either. Why? Keep reading to find out!

The Science Behind It

According to science, one reason elephants can’t jump is that they just don’t have to. They have very few predators (apart from humans) in the wild, so they just don’t need to use jumping as an escape tactic. The other reason is that with a fully grown elephant weighing around 4 tons, they are just too heavy to get off the ground and don’t have the necessary spring in their legs to make this happen.  

We know the feeling. After the holiday season when we often need to lose weight, finding that spring in your step can be equally difficult for us humans too. When you consider the question, what is the only mammal that can’t jump, many of us will add humans to the list too.

Sloths Aren’t Just Slow

But what about the sloth you ask?

Sloths are very slow-moving creatures that enjoy a good sleep in a tree. Sloths do not run, and they don’t jump. Their sleepy lifestyle is caused in part by their very slow metabolic rate. The sloth eats such a nutrient-poor diet essentially based on leaves and very little protein, so they just don’t have the energy for activities such as jumping.

If you are worried about your energy levels and feel like you may be turning into a sloth or an elephant, you can jump-start your health with a change of diet and supplements. Here’s how!

Jump-Start Your Health

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So, what is the only mammal that can’t jump? As far as we know this shortlist is confined to elephants, rhinos, hippos, and sloths. And after you have tried out the great supplements mentioned above, you will certainly not be adding your name to the list!