What is the Deadliest Kung Fu Style in Martial Arts?

Many types of Kung Fu can be deadly. It all depends upon the skill of the practitioner and the situation. Kung Fu is essentially a defensive method of self-protection, and although there are different methods and styles, all of them can be deadly as well as being a great way of keeping fit and bringing a spiritual aspect into your life.

So what is the deadliest Kung Fu style?

Kung Fu is the original Chinese method of hand-to-hand fighting, and many other martial efforts have their roots in this discipline. They all have different advantages, strengths, and weaknesses, and what is the deadliest Kung Fu style will largely depend upon who you ask.

Shaolin Kung Fu

This is the oldest style of Kung Fu. It was developed around 527 AD by Shaolin monks who combined a military angle to Buddhism.

There are hundreds of different types of Kung Fu, based on this original method and these different styles of Kung Fu are taught all around the world.

Wing Chun

One discipline is called Wing Chun – based on the idea that your opponent will attack you so you need to learn to absorb and deflect the energy in order to retaliate. This type of Kung Fu was made  famous in Bruce Lee movies. Interestingly, Wing Chun was invented by a Buddhist nun called Ng Mui in the late 17th century and is based on Shaolin Kung Fu.

Praying Mantis

This type of Kung Fu was invented over 400 years ago by a Kung Fu master called Wang who devised it after watching the movements of the Praying Mantis. This style of Kung Fu mimics the movements of the praying mantis both offensively and defensively.

Monkey Style Kung Fu

Despite the slightly amusing name, Monkey Kung Fu or Hou Quan, which means monkey fist, is generally regarded as the deadliest form of Kung Fu. It was devised by a man called See who invented it after watching how apes fought each other and defended themselves. This type of Kung Fu is very physical and athletic, using acrobatic movements including spins and back flips.

Kung Fu is physically demanding and what the deadliest form of Kung Fu requires is total concentration as well as high levels of fitness and agility.  If you practice Kung Fu, it is crucially important to keep in shape and to maintain the health and flexibility of your joints.

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