Weirdest Squeaky Toys for Small Dogs

We all like to spoil our dogs with treats and toys. And one toy that never goes down in popularity is the good old tried and tested squeaky toy. What’s not to like if you are a dog? You can bite it, and it squeaks!  It seems to give our best little friend hours of pleasure and can brighten our day as a result.

We’ve seen some strange ones out there, and although your mutt might not understand the significance of some of the weirdest squeaky toys for small dogs, they can add an extra dimension of fun to dog treats. Go sic him Rover!

7 Squeaky Toys for Small Dogs

Donald Trump

If ever there was a president designed to be used as a squeaky toy for small dogs, U.S. President Donald Trump is that man. Love him or hate him, he makes a great dog toy. Sadly nobody has managed to capture some of his best speeches; all the “Dognald” can do is squeak but many people agree that he makes a bit more sense that way. You have a wide choice of Trump dog toys on Amazon.

Kim Jong Un

If you like the Dognald, you can even buy a Kim Jong Un to complete the matching set.

Latex Chicken

Not all squeaky toys for small dogs are made of rubber. There is a wide choice of wild and wacky animals, such as latex chickens, which come in assorted bright colors and squawk when they are squeezed.

Giant Tongue Toy

This one looks hilarious. The giant tongue coming out of your dog’s mouth as he chews is a sight you will never forget. This one is aimed at larger sized dogs, but we can’t see why small dogs should miss out on the gag.

Game Controller

You don’t want your dog to chew your video games controller, but with squeaky toys for small dogs, nothing is off limits. The dog toy game controller has the added advantage of giving the game owner a fright, and it allows pooch to join in with the fun of gaming.

Bottle of Booze

When you are enjoying a drop of your favorite adult beverage of choice, why should your dog miss out?  Zippy Paws Happy Crusherz features a plush finish and a satisfying squeak. Choose between red wine, rose, tequila, whiskey, vodka, and champagne. Cheers!

Various Foods

Zippy Paws Nom Nomz foodie inspired dog toys are designed for small dogs in mind and will provide hours of fun. Each toy comes with a plush finish and has a soft interior that is suitable for younger pups or older dogs to chew. Choose from chips, a croissant, French fries, a taco, watermelon, and more.

With such great squeaky toys for small dogs on the market, your pooch never needs to miss out on the fun.

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