Weird Causes of Acne Breakouts

You can’t find two people with the same skin type. Even twins have different types of skin. Different things can cause Acne Breakouts. Acne Breakouts are caused by either too much production of oil by your skin or hormones are triggered by a lot of factors. Normally, we’ve got hormones that are wrapped all under our skin. These clog the follicles of our hair and these could lead to the growth of zits which causes bacteria that are known as pimples aches. Though we’ve got genes that play a very huge role in all of this. There are ways in which genes make your body react to these hormones that stimulate acne. There are several ways that you could live your life that would cause these weird Causes of Acne Breakouts. 

List of Weird Causes of Acne Breakouts

You could be sleeping on a Pillowcase that’s not clean. 

Sleeping on a dirty pillowcase has got to be one of the causes of the weird acne breakout you have been experiencing. Your pillowcase and your beddings need to be treated like your clothes. Like the clothes, you wear when you want to go out daily. You understand. If these are dirty, your skin has no choice but to follow suit and be dirty too. You can’t have dirty beddings and have clear skin with clean pores. 

How to fix this 

You need to get your pillowcases out and wash them after two go three nights. You could change your pillowcase to the silk type. This would help reduce the levels of friction. Your hair would be excited about this change. 

You might not be sleeping well enough 

People underestimate the essence of sleeping properly and sleeping very well. It is very bad for your mental, psychological, and physical health when you do not sleep properly for an appropriate amount of hours. If you keep catching yourself not sleeping well enough and all of a sudden, there are big bumps of acne all around. Now you know why. 

How to fix this 

Make sure you get enough sleep. You should organize yourself for times you’ll be sleeping. When those times come, stop chatting, get at least 8 hours of quality sleep. 

Making use of too many lotions on your skin 

Have you heard the adage “too much of everything is bad”? Well, this is a perfect case of that. Using too many creams, lotions, oils, makeup and stuff on your skin is not doing you well. It is just bad for you. This would also have the possibility of causing weird acne on your skin. 

How to fix this 

Make sure you rub the appropriate amount of creams and lotions on your body. If you rub too much, then you want these weird acne to follow. If you have any reaction to any one of the creams you are using, have a conversation with your dermatologist. They would help you get what’s perfect for your skin.