Wacky Hairstyles for Girls

You can do a lot with girls’ hair, and when it comes to creating wacky hairstyles for girls, the sky’s the limit!

Wacky hairstyles for girls are certainly not for everyday wear. But for special occasions or fancy dress parties, changing your girl’s hair into a crazy work of art is one of those things that is great fun to do. There is plenty of inspiration out there online, so once you are armed with your brush and some cute hair accessories, such as spray on colours, you can get creative. We think that we should all declare a crazy hair day once in a while!

It’s Time for a Crazy Hair Day!

Crazy hair day is all about having fun and getting creative. There are thousands of wacky hairstyles for girls to choose from and they are not difficult to make.

Try creating a unicorn hairstyle.

This is easy to do and requires that you make a cone shape out of cardboard or scrunched up foil that you pin to your girls’ hair. You use this as a base to wrap hair around the cone and then spray with a temporary colour.  Bunch up the remaining hair as a pony tail or add clips on hair extensions for an extra wow factor!

You can do the same process to create any type of head shape, such as a pumpkin or even a Christmas tree.

Another design that we liked was the mermaid.

Put your girl’s hair into its normal braid and then fix a Barbie or doll to your girl’s hair so that the braid forms into the mermaid tail. Alternatively back combing the hair and adding fun items such as flowers or birds can create a nature inspired effect.  As long as you have some spray on colour, hair spray and bobby pins, creating wacky hair styles for girls is a walk in the park.

One great point about kids’ hair is that it is usually strong and in good condition. To keep your girl’s hair looking and smelling its best, it is important to use hair products that are natural and safe for children.

Hair Care for Children

Alaffia is a hair company that specialises in styling products and shampoos which are suited to all types of hair. ​Alaffia Shampoo & Body Wash Lemon Lavender for Kids Everyday Shea is a gentle non-irritating natural shampoo that nourishes the hair with coconut oil. It contains zero parabens and is ideal for babies and children.

To create wacky hair styles for girls you will need to use a hair spray to keep your design in place.  Aubrey Organics Chia Hairspray  provides a strong hold that will not irritate or damage sensitive young skin or hair. Aubrey Organics is certified organic brand made from herbal and plant extracts without any harmful additives or chemicals so is ideal for using wacky hairstyles for girls.

Alternatively try anything from the Andalou Naturals. The brand leads the way in safe and organic beauty products and are created using fruit stem cell science combined with natural botanicals. 

Andalou Naturals Sunflower and Citrus Styling Gel is a naturally formulated hair gel that delivers greater body and shine.  Not only does it hold and style your hair but it provides nourishment and hydration, making it look fabulous and healthy.