Wacky Games for Kids (and Ways to Keep Them Healthy at Home)

Kids love to explore and have all the fun that they want whenever they want it. Being there to give them a hand (not only for fun but to guide them from getting injured) will go a long way in building a strong relationship between you and them.

Wacky games are fun and exhilarating activities that kids can do anywhere around the house, whether it’s running around in the backyard or passing balloons in the sitting room. Anything that helps them burn the steam will be highly appreciated.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of those games that can give your kids the utmost fun and keep them at home with you. The best part of these wacky games is that you can get involved and have some fun too.

1. Over and Under

Over and Under is best played with a team. If you have a family of more than 3, this game is one that you should try. It is easy to play. Everyone stays on a straight line. You can do it by how tall each kid is. The first person (the person in the forefront) holds a balloon over their head and passes it to the second (the person directly at their back)

The person at the back collects the balloon and passes it under their open legs to the third person who’s right behind them. The third person passes it over their head, and the balloon keeps going until it reaches the last person. When the balloon reaches the last child, they move to the front of the line to start the process. The process keeps going until it reaches the person that started it at the beginning. That is when the game ends.

2. Ankle Grab

Ankle Grab requires running and is easy to learn. Everyone grabs their ankles with both hands and begins to run with the posture. Don’t think it’s that easy to do until you try it. It’s good exercise too.

3. Balance the Book

Every child will love this one. Balance the Book is challenging and daring. It’s a racing game as well. Everyone places a book on their head and walks from one end of the room to the other while balancing the book on their head.

4. Stepping Stones

The game is exactly what it is called, Stepping Stones. To do this, you’ll give the kids two pieces of paper. They’ll try to get to the end of the room and back without having their bare feet touch the ground.

As they go, they’ll place one piece of paper on the floor to step on and try to arrange the other piece of paper on the next place they’ll step on. When they’ve stepped on the next one, they’ll have to pick the former from the back and place it in front of them again. To make it more challenging, you’ll have to reduce the size of the paper.

These simple wacky games should keep the kids at home and happy. To make it more fun, you can give them a healthy chewable as rewards for completing a task.