Top Funny Games to Play on a Road Trip

Travelling can be exciting, most times being on the road after a long period can become unbearable.  Having kids or your family, you should be acquainted with road trip games— they become necessary to avoid boredom while waiting to get to your destination. Adults are not left out of boredom. Therefore road trip games are needed to lighten up the mood while traveling.

1.  The I spy Road Trip Game

The Goal:

This travel game aim is to get to know the image the spy has thought about by chance

The Rules:

One player is made a spy.

The game begins when the spy for example looks outside the window and has what he sees to be guessed. The spy gives out hints for example what alphabet it begins with. Other hints are given e.g. what it is made of, mass or height. The player asks a Yes or No question. If the guessing becomes difficult the spy encourages the player. Each player asked questions and the person that guesses correctly wins and becomes the next spy.

2. Road Trip Bingo for Adults

In this game, writing materials are a must-have. When the game starts players are asked to list the brand of cars. Then, search through the window and mention the listed brand and exclaim BINGO when a car matches one on the list. Players who complete their list wins.

3. The Licence Plate Travel Game

The Easy Licence Plate Game

Players are said to translate what the plate number of passing cars represents depending on the state they pass through.

BN2 Y679 may translate as “Barry Never Yells”

2848 EB may mean “Early Bird”

4. The Rhymes Game

The Goal

Looking for words that end within the same sound.

The Rules

A player mentions a one-syllable word. The other player has a  limited time to mention a word that sounds like the other player’s word. And words can’t be recycled.

For example:

Player 1 says  “sea”.

Player 2 says, “pee”.

Player 3 says  “she”. This continues.

Any player who delays for more than 6 seconds is out of the game. The last player standing wins.

5.  Versions of the Alphabet Travel Game

The Goal

Words are found for each alphabet from A-Z

The Rules

Words would be noticed and mentioned from the environment. Players start by mentioning a word for every alphabet. Players mention what they see around them e.g. A, for Apple. B, for Bike. Words can’t be recycled. The first player to get to Z wins This version of this game, a player looks outside choose a theme from the environment.  Making it exciting,  think of spontaneous themes, for example, “clubbing ”, “parts of the body” or “place to travel to”. For every alphabet, every player must look for a word that matches with them, gradually moving from A- Z.  The subject matter “travel locations”, could follow these directions: A for Arizona. B for the Bahamas.