Tips for Dumpster Diving and Reselling Found Items

It’s amazing what people throw away! According to statistics , each American generates around 4lbs of trash every day and although a lot of this really is trash and not fit for any other purpose, there is a surprising amount of good stuff that is junked everyday. So whether you are looking to carry out home improvements or find interesting items to sell or repurpose , dumpster diving is an eco friendly hobby that can become as addictive as a treasure hunt.

So check out our handy tips to dumpster driving in order to keep safe and to dive like a pro!

1/ Dumpster dive at apartment complexes. It’s a good idea to check these at the end of the month, traditionally the time when leases are up and tenants move out. As well as household rubbish and yucky things like cat litter, you can find interesting pieces of furniture  tables , chairs and anything else that goes in a home but will be left behind for convenience. All these items can be resold.

2/ Check out the dumpsters near house and yard sales. Nobody ever sells everything and it most cases, what is left will be tossed in the nearest dumpster.

3/ Business dumpsters can be a good source of stuff. A book store may throw away books, a furniture story may throw out furniture and although many big companies use compactors to render it down (and leave these well alone because messing with a compactor is dangerous) smaller businesses don’t usually bother.

4/ Check out homes that have the builders in. A professional home renovation will often be carried out for aesthetic reasons so a lot of perfectly good materials and household items will end up in the dumpster. It’s often a good idea to make friends with the builders to find out what’s available before you dive in.

5/ Check out the dumpsters by storage facilities. Many people pay for storage units for years only to dump a lot of what they have been saving for years into the nearest dumpster. You can find some great saleable items in dumpsters by self storage facilities so this type of location should not be missed.

6/ Keep safe. However you choose to carry out your dumpster diving, it is important to keep safe. Always wear gloves and old clothing because this pastime can become very icky very fast. Also beware of diving in as the dumpster will undoubtedly contain broken glass and sharp edges. A pole or a trash grabber with pincers can help you examine the contents of the dumpster from a safe distance.

7/ Keep clean. Once you have finished your dumpster diving session, it is crucially important to wash and shower with a good quality liquid soap and wash your dumpster diving clothing too.

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