The Beard Pick Comb and Other Manly Gift Ideas for Him

Male grooming is popular, and that is a great thing for us women. The days are long gone when a man having a beard meant he just couldn’t be bothered to shave. These days, men are often fastidious about their appearance and their personal hygiene, and they are not ashamed of looking good. Since the hipster craze of the nineties, beards have become increasingly popular too, but they do need care and maintenance. This means a beard pick comb is essential.

Why a Beard Pick Comb?

A beard pick comb is perfect for untangling beard hair. It enables the beard to look well-groomed and clean, and it helps maintain the shape. A beard is attractive if it looks clean and fresh, but if a beard is left unattended it will just make a man look scruffy and unkempt. Nobody really likes the vintage geography teacher look, and horror of horrors, we can all remember seeing particles of food caught in a teacher’s beard. Yuck!

Beard grooming products make great gifts for the beard wearing man in your life. Beard pick comb options come in all shapes and materials, but in general a wooden beard comb is easy to use and can be slipped into the pocket, so it can be used throughout the day.

Oddly, despite the rise in male grooming and the increase of barber shops that offer male pampering, many men still don’t want to buy their own grooming products and instead rely on gifts. This is not unusual. Women do this all the time when it comes to perfume.

Good smelling cologne and aftershave are always good gifts for men. The key is to find a fragrance that is right for the man in your life and to steer clear of cheap brands sold in the supermarket because these will make the man in your life smell like a teenage boy on his first date.

Gift Ideas for Men

Aubrey Organics has a range of male products that will suit a wide range of tastes. All their products are organic and created from natural herbal ingredients and botanicals.

Another option is the Badger range, a fabulous array of products with everything from lip balm to beard grooming kits to suit all types of men and all ages.

One fragrance that caught our eye is Aubrey Organics’ Men’s Stock North Woods After Shave. This classic pine scent is cool and invigorating and will tighten pores leaving skin feeling fresh and smooth.  As with all Aubrey products, it is certified vegan and has not been tested on animals so is an ethical product.

If you are searching for a manly gift for the beard wearer in your life, a beard pick comb and some natural skin care products offer a great solution. Attentively, why not go for some natural aftershave? Even if your man has a beard, it is important to smell good, with or without facial hair.