Squishy Banana Stress Reliever and Other Ridiculous Stress Balls

When we feel stressed, our bodies tense up. This is not surprising. When we feel under stress, the body is in a state of high alert, and all that energy coursing through your body needs to find an outlet somewhere. If you work in a demanding job you can feel like this several times a day, and in these cases, a stress ball can help. 

Stress balls come in all shapes and sizes. One which we particularly like is a banana stress reliever. This one always raises a smile from your fellow co-workers. After all, it helps to laugh at your problems, and anything that raises a smile in a stressful situation has got to be good.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best and most ridiculous stress balls we have seen.

Must-Have Stress Balls

As mentioned, the banana stress reliever is a great choice if you’re going for humor. Try out the JA RU Stretchy Banana Sensory Toy. You can pull this one in and out of shape, and the texture is suitable squishy.

Alternatively, the realistic Squishy Slow Rising Banana Toy gives off a pleasant scent when squished and may help you further calm down and relax.

Emoji Stress Toys can be fun too. These come in a pack of 24, so you could choose the right one for your stress levels. Emojis include manic laughing, wide-eyed panic, and angry face. These toys are perfect if you want to convey your true feelings but are unable to do so. You can also hand them out to your co-workers!

Donald Trump is a great source of stress for many people. Now you can get your own back by using this Donald Trump Squishy Toy as your personal stress reliever. The silicon model can be squeezed into any shape but bounces back as Trump within seconds.

Alternatively, a cute Japanese hamster character may be more effective. The Milikon Jumbo Hamster in restful blue and purple looks peaceful and cute and is less likely to raise your blood pressure than any politician!

It is important to point out that a stress ball is not a long term solution to the problem of stress. However, it can be surprisingly effective as a short-term remedy. This is because when you clench a stress ball it can help your body release some of its tension at the moment and prevent added complications such as irritability or headaches. 

A banana stress reliever or any other stress ball is a great way to combat immediate stress, and if you can raise a laugh while you are using it, even better.