Review of the Most Viral Videos the Internet has Ever Had

When it comes to viral videos, we have had some classics – dancing pets, cat videos,  viral dance crazes like Gangnam Style, and more. We have seen them all, and they tend to move in and out of fashion within only a short lived time span. So which are the most popular viral videos worldwide?

Let’s take a look.

Gangnam Style still takes some beating. This 2012 release gathered over a billion views in just five months, making it the record holder for YouTube. Yes we can still do Psy’s crazy dance, and we still enjoy watching the video.

“Despacito” knocked Gangnam Style off the top position in 2017, attracting more than 4 billion viewers and still counting. Luis Fonce’s hit has been pretty much inescapable across the planet, and according to the Puerto Rican tourist board, it has had a very positive effect on visitor numbers. This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico!

Luis Fonce did it again with “Baby Shark Dance,” where he featured with Pinkfong Kids Songs and Stories. This has been viewed over 77 million times. Baby Shark doo doo doo doo doo – the tune gets into your head, and the animation is cute and appealing to all ages. 

Some viral videos take on a life of their own as memes and gifs that we add to our messages and online posts or play with in other ways.

The film Downfall was a dark examination of the last days of Hitler, yet the scene where Hitler rants at his generals has become viral for many other purposes. We have seen this scene repurposed for Brexit, elections, school meetings, COVID, and more. The “Downfall” viral video always hits the spot and raises a smile.

Cat videos have a habit of going viral, and one of the biggest stars of these viral videos was “Grumpy Cat.” She became an internet legend attracting millions of YouTube views who were delighted by her grumpy disdain for just about everything. There are too many cat videos to mention, but in general a successful video about cats will have millions of viewers and are a much loved mainstay of viral videos.

Tik Tok is a new kid on the block compared to YouTube, but already this platform is proving it is a worthy contender for viral videos. To date, the most viewed Tik Tok video is “Escalator Man,” aka an account called @justMaiko. This features the poster and friend dancing to a Shakira song (“Hips Don’t Lie”) and has attracted over 247 million views. It is hard to see why but the video has obviously struck a chord with viewers many of whom have taken up the challenge to do it themselves. What’s your favorite viral video?