Remembering the ’90s Neon Inflatable Furniture Trend

If you were a kid in the 90s you probably remember the 90s neon inflatable trend. After all back then the lurid inflatable chair was the “must have “addition to any cool bedroom or teenage den and every teenager wanted one.

Guess what! As we reach 2021, neon inflatables are back in style and this time they can add a touch of cool to the entire home and garden. So let’s take a look at the neon inflatable furniture trend repurposed for 2021!

What sort of inflatable furniture is available?

All types of furniture are available in inflatable form. Comfy armchairs, sofas and ottomans are all fantastic as inflatables and come in adult sizes.

You might worry that you risk bursting the inflatable if you are on the larger size, but in general they are fine for load bearing up to 500 lbs. This means you can snuggle up with your loved one on the inflatable sofa and unless you decide to jump up and down on it in stilettos, your inflatable furniture should be long lasting and as tough as ordinary furniture.

The bright neon colors are fun and stylish. You can mix and match colors because they are generally available in red, blue, green, pink and purple making them stand out in a fun way.

A great point about inflatable furniture is that it can be deflated and stored very easily so if you have guests coming over for the holidays, it’s no bother to provide comfy seating for everyone.

In addition it is very easy to keep clean. Spilt drinks, food or general mess can be easily wiped off with a cleaning product and left to dry. If only ordinary furniture was as easy to keep fresh!

Inflatable furniture is deal for the garden.

Inflatable furniture is ideal for the garden or the patio. Leave it out for summer on your patio and enjoy a comfy place to enjoy a coffee or a drink as you watch the sun go down. For outside entertaining, inflatable furniture has a real wow factor that will delight your guests.

Retro 90s neon inflatable furniture is great for festivals or camping too

How cool is to put up your tent and then spend some time chilling in comfort in your inflatable chair! Inflatable furniture is your perfect festival companion. Check out your favorite band from the comfort of your camp and as an added advantage, relaxing on inflatable neon furniture is a very cool look.

To find out more about remembering the 90s neon inflatable furniture trend, check out Planet Retro to discover products and trends which are definitely worth a comeback!