Random Things to Do When Bored

It is a well known fact that the more entertainment we have at our fingertips, the more likely it is that we feel bored. This is not surprising. Sometimes we need to actually do something, rather than just expecting to be entertained passively on Netflix . So let’s check out 10 random things to do when bored and banish the boredom blues forever!

Start a new hobby: Crafts such as knitting and embroidery can be very satisfying and can give a personal touch to your clothing. Check out how to videos on Youtube and get creating. 

Do a jigsaw: This old fashioned past time is compelling and addictive. Remember to always start with the straight edges first and expect that any visitors to your home will make a beeline for your jigsaw!

Play an instrument: Random things to when bored spark creativity so if you have an old guitar or musical instrument in your home that you haven’t touched since High School, pick it up and get playing. You will wonder why you left it so long.

Learn to play an instrument:  learning is easy because you can do it online. It is also easy to buy an instrument online via Amazon. One great choice is the ukulele – this little instrument is easy to master and not expensive to buy. 

Organize your surroundings: whether it is your wardrobe, closets, paperwork or any other room in your home, getting it organized is a one of those random things to do when bored that gives great results. It not only banishes boredom, you will still be enjoying the benefits of organization for months to come. 

Make a fabulous meal: Use the time to create a special meal for a date night at home or to give pleasure to your friends. Great cooking does not have to be expensive so dust off your cookery books and get into the kitchen.

Go for a walk outside: random things to do when bored do not get much better than this. If it’s cold outside wrap up warm and even if it is just a walk to your local park and back, you will feel energised by the activity. 

Make a mixed playlist: get all your favorite tunes in one place and share them with your friends. Spotify or Pandora is great for this purpose

Get out the coloring book: Coloring in is a great activity that doesn’t require much effort and has great benefits for mindfulness. There are some beautiful coloring books available for adults so get coloring and release your inner Zen. 

Write a letter: Who even writes letters these days but when you do, it not only is one of the random things that banishes boredom, it will please the recipient as well. Whether it is to a close friend you haven’t seen for ages, or an elderly relative, everyone likes getting a handwritten letter.