Our Favorite Viral Moments on the Internet

Although we all have different tastes and we all come from different backgrounds and cultures, great viral movements transcend all boundaries and can bring us all together for a while.

Here are 5 of our favorite viral moments on the internet in no particular order of preference.

5 Viral Moments on the Internet

Video 1 

Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat has clocked up an astounding 57.5 million views since it went online in 2007. We still can’t work out how the cat is doing this, but it looks fun anyway, and the tune just gets into your head!

Video 2 

This little girl has plenty of sass and an adorable outlook on life. She passes on words of wisdom combined with a toddler’s attitude and the results are hilarious. Over 2 million viewers have agreed since the video was uploaded in 2017.

Video 3 

One of the most memorable viral moments in the last few years saw a man chasing a dog, chasing deer in Richmond Park England. Jesus Christ Fenton became a catchphrase for a while but if you haven’t seen this video, you will probably agree with 21 million viewers who found it hilarious.

Video 4 

We love viral moments that are heart-warming and lovely. Witness how this baby reacts when hearing his mother for the first time. Young Charly was born deaf and the video captures her response to hearing aids. 38 million viewers joined in with the emotion of the moment. The challenge here is not to cry (we failed!)

Video 5 

Number 5 is probably one of our favorite viral moments. It didn’t reach the dizzying viewing figures of some of the other offerings but if you have ever experienced a boat crossing like this we are sure you will understand.

The video is taken from the CCTV in the bar of a Scottish ferry crossing as the weather turns bad resulting in mayhem, sliding furniture and falling passengers all the backdrop of Rod Stewart singing “Sailing.” It’s terrifying and hilarious, so we can only sympathize.