Odd Collectibles for Taxidermy Fans

Taxidermy is one of the coolest forms of art ever. It involves stuffing the body of a dead animal or mounting it on something to give it a life-like appearance. It is noteworthy that taxidermists don’t hunt down these animals for the purpose of taxidermy. Most of them die through natural causes and road-kill. Taxidermy only seeks to appreciate the beauty and magnificence of the animals.

It takes a lot of time and effort to master this form of art. However, there are taxidermy items that are totally odd and funny. Let’s look at some of them here.

1. The drunk fox with a wine bottle

I still don’t understand what this taxidermist was thinking when he made this one. The art is all shades of weird and funny. This taxidermy shows a laughing (whatever it seems it was doing with its open mouth) fox with a big wine bottle in both hands. It looks like this art is an old one anyway.

2. The crazy eye tiger

This tiger probably died sleeping and had its eyes forced open for this taxidermy sculpture. The tiger looks both ways at the same time (literally). What makes it even funnier is that it has its mouth open as if to explain the predicament.

3. The ugly deer

It looks like someone got in a fight and had its teeth knocked off its mouth. This dear has a hideous face. To make matters worse, the mouth won’t close because the teeth are big and protruding.

4. The confused cat

This cat looks like it wasn’t expecting to be locked up in the cabinet. It’s far better than the first three, but the facial expression seems exceptionally odd and funny.

5. The sad fox

If you’re a social media user, you would have seen this remorseful fox in so many memes. The fox sits on a chair with two hands in-between its thighs, looking like a kid that’s about to be scolded

6. The howling wolf and the nut-stealing squirrel

This one tells a funny story of a wolf howling at the moon without noticing that somebody is taking his nuts away. This taxidermist wasn’t sure of what to do with the animals’ skins.

7. The funny/angry lion

Does the name amuse you? It amuses me too and everyone that has seen this taxidermy, whether in real life or pictures. It is hard to tell if this lion is having a good time jumping around or is just upset that it was kept outside for everyone to see and touch without fear for the king of the jungle.

8. The funny looking owl

Owls are known to have big eyes. This one’s eyes are bigger than usual, and the animal looks like it’s scared. Whatever this taxidermist was thinking surely wasn’t straight.

These are some of the oddest taxidermy collectibles you can find at the market. You can check out eBay for some more.