Natural Remedies for Extremely Dry Skin Around Nose

If you suffer from extremely dry skin around nose areas, you already know that this is an annoying and visible problem.

It often first appears as the aftermath of a cold when your nose is stuffy or just keeps running. When this happens, it creates a dry area because of the need to wipe away mucus. In cold weather or at high altitudes, it can be especially difficult to re moisturize this sensitive area.

Whatever the underlying reason for extremely dry skin around nose areas, the best way to improve the condition is to apply natural substances to the area when the skin is damp. Creating a barrier will help your skin retain moisture rather than allowing your skin to dry out in the air. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Treat Extremely Dry Skin Around Nose

Natural remedies are best, because these tend to be gentle on already sensitive skin. Strong chemicals such as acne treatment on dry areas may offer temporary relief but will make your dry skin even dryer. Many people try Vaseline but although this protects the skin from further damage, it is not good for your complexion.


One effective remedy for extremely dry skin around nose areas is Baraka Dry Nose Oil. This natural remedy helps maintain proper levels of mucus in the nose, preventing your nose from running.

Using this natural oil flavoued with cardamoms and aromatic herbs will help prevent your skin from drying out as a result. You are far less likely to go through weeks with a runny nose and nasal dryness, and your complexion will recover far faster than otherwise possible.

This remedy addresses the problem at its source, easing nasal congestion as well as improving dry skin. Baraka is well known for providing good quality natural solutions to sinus issues and is a recommended American brand from northern California that you can trust.


Another good option is Hyalogic’s HA Nasal Mist for Dry Nose.  This handy spray dispenser soothes and moisturizes dry stuffy noses and is a natural option suitable for the most sensitive skin. The principle ingredient of the spray is hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance naturally present in the body.

Hyaluronic acid is found in the highest concentrations in the joints and in your eyes but can also be manufactured from algae in the laboratory. Because Hyaluronic acid is so natural, it is often used in plastic surgery, because it does not cause the body to react.

Spraying the nasal mist on your extremely dry skin around the nose will enable the area to rehydrate naturally as well as soothe any nasal congestion.

Hyalogic is an industry leader when it comes to using hyaluronic acid. Based in Missouri, the company has developed safe and effective health products based on this natural ingredient.

Nasal congestion and dry skin around the nose is a common problem that occasionally affects us all, but with these proven natural remedies, once your nasal congestion is over, your skin will go back to normal without causing any long term damage to your complexion.