Left-Handed Musicians Who Played Guitars “Upside Down”

Left-handed people are far less in number than right-handed people. This ratio creates a wrong notion that the left-handed are less capable of a range of things. Left-handedness is a unique trait and never a disadvantage. Despite that many tools and instruments (e.g scissors, computer keyboards, spiral notebook, the handheld can openers) are designed to be used right-handed, the left-handed still use them efficiently. 

There are tools and instruments designed with a left-hand bias to favor the left-handed. For instance, there are left stringed guitars designed for the left-handed. But, some left-handed musicians ignore their nature to play the guitar upside down. It’s amazing to see that they can comfortably play the vintage guitar left-handedly and upside down. Some legendary left-handed musicians who could thrill the audience with their dexterity are;

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is a legendary left-handed guitarist. Even though he wasn’t the first left-handed guitarist, he is arguably the most famous and influential. Growing up, Hendrix was forced to play right-handed because his father believed left-handedness was devilish. He restrung right-handed guitars and made modifications to help him play left-handedly, but couldn’t quit playing the vintage guitar upside down. Jimi Hendrix made many good sounds for all guitarists to emulate.

Kurt Cobain

Kurt is one of the best songwriters of the 20th century. The left-handed guitarist, songwriter,  and lead singer founded Nirvana, one of the biggest music names. Kurt was good with his guitar. Being left-handed was his prowess and he made good music with this unique trait.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is another legendary left-handed musician who was very successful at making good tunes. He is a successful member of ‘the Beatles’. He was able to sell over 100 million albums worldwide.  He made an infinite contribution to music, for which he got awarded a Knighthood. 

Dick Dale 

Dick Dale is the pioneer of Surf Guitar, for which he was named the “King of the Surf Guitar”. He maintained his crown as the fiercest and most technical musician. He worked with Fender’s amplifier to move the production of the first-ever 100 watt model. Dick Dale made a fierce impact on music while left-handedly playing the vintage guitar upside down.

Albert King 

Albert King is one of the toppers on the list of influential names in blues. He is a left-handed musician who played the vintage guitar upside down. King played with an unusual technique and created his style in blues. Once he got on the stage and flipped his guitar, you get ready to enjoy King’s super style.

Otis Rush 

Otis Rush maintained an intense, soulful style of blues. He played distinctive styles with his vintage guitar upside down. He produced West Side Chicago blues, which is full of unique sounds from Otis Rush’s guitar.

Looking for where to get a guitar? Vintage guitars are a great option that provide you with original and high-quality sound. You have a better opportunity to replicate the sound of the aforementioned artists with a vintage style guitar, though modern guitars can produce similar sounds with a bit more fine-tuning. Enjoy the pursuit!