Kid-Friendly Craft Projects Using Velcro

Velcro is an ideal medium for creating kid friendly craft projects. This easy to use material does not require any sticking or sewing so is a great way to fasten different types of material together with the minimum of mess.

Velcro was invented back in 1941 when Swiss inventor George de Mestral noticed that the sticky burrs on some natural plants had amazing sticking properties because of their natural tiny hooks. He looked to recreate this effect in fabric and over the last 60 years Velcro was developed even further and was even used in Space exploration as a fastening method for space suits.

Leaving history aside, let’s take a look at some kid friendly craft projects using Velcro.

Rotating Art Gallery

All kids like to show off their art work. Use Velcro to create a support where you can display these treasured pieces without sticking them on to the fridge.

You need some Velcro Band Strips and some sticky back Velcro brand coins plus some nails or tacks and a hammer.

First decide on where you want the rotating art gallery to go. Measure the Velcro band strips and hammer these into the wall. Once your downward strips are in place, add the crossways strips – sticking them together with the Velcro.

Then use the coin stickers to attach the various art work.

Decorative Flags for parties

Whatever you are celebrating its fun to get the kids involved. Make a decorative garland of flags in just 30 minutes.

You need three different colored felt sheets, some Bakers twine a circle, triangle and square template some Velcro Brand Holiday Décor Wrap and Velcro Brand White Tape. And a pair of scissors.

First cut out the various circle, triangle and square shapes using a template. Once you have a pile of cut out shapes, decorate each one with the Décor Wrap. You can also decorate the shapes with the White Tape by cutting into fun shapes and sticking them to the felt.

Once the shapes are decorated, fix the Bakers twine to each shape, using the white tape folded over so that the twine can pass through. Now you have a string of fun festive flags that can be displayed wherever you want and will be fantastically ideal for any celebration.

Velcro is ideal for all kids’ projects.

There are loads of kid friendly craft projects using Velcro. If you are working with your kids just substitute Velcro whenever you need to join fabric together and the whole project is far easier than sewing or gluing. And after all, if Velcro is good enough for astronauts, it is certainly strong and adaptable enough to be used in your kids’ craft projects.

To find out more about Velcro, check out the official Velcro website to see some great ideas as well as learn about the full range of projects.