How to Wrap Odd Shape Gifts

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it is time to get creative with the wrapping paper.   Often the best gifts are the most unusual but this can pose a problem when it comes to gift wrapping.  So before you start, check out our quick guide to how to wrap odd shape gifts and learn to wrap like a pro!

Create an elegant bundle

So your gift has no straight edges and is an odd shape? No problem. First cut your wrapping paper so that is a couple of inches bigger than your gift on all sides and wrap the paper round the gift so that it makes a tube.

Pinch one end of the tube flat and fold it over and stick it with tape. Repeat at the other end of the tube.

Take a hole punch and punch holes in the ends and then thread ribbon through the holes and curl it.

It is easy to curl ribbon. Take the flat edge of a blade or scissor and run it down the ribbon and it will spring back into beautiful curls.

Make a gift pouch

Similar to creating a bundle, this method is great for small odd shaped flat items. Cut the wrapping paper so that it is roughly double the size of your gift. Fold the paper blank side up on both sides so that it overlaps and secure with tape. Then fold the bottom edge upwards to hide the plain edge and secure with tape.

Now you can place you gift in the pouch. Make a hole with a punch at the top and secure with a decoration or a festive sprig of holly.

Re use a box for breakable items

So maybe you are giving a glass vase or odd shaped ornament? The safest way to do this is to pack the fragile item into a box, using bubble wrap or rolled up newspaper to protect it. Now your odd shaped gift is safely packed away in a regular shaped box so is easy to gift wrap. However make sure you remove any original labels from the box especially if the original box was for something better than your gift! Nobody wants to see a disappointed face when the person opens it!

Wrapping big gifts

How to wrap odd shaped gifts can be tricky if your gift is large. So how do you create the surprise factor with an object that is too big to miss? One way is to just cover the item with a blanket or tablecloth and then unveil it with a flourish in front of the recipient or invite them to do the same. You will need a presentable cover in order for this to work but you can make it meaningful by wrapping it in something special such as your favorite homemade bedspread or throw.

Don’t gift wrap large items; just add a bow!

Sometimes it’s just not worth trying to figure out how to wrap odd shaped gifts. In these cases a bow will do the job perfectly. You can buy bows of all sizes from retailers and you can match the size to roughly the size of the gift so that it looks right in proportion.

Don’t forget lights!

To create the wow factor for an odd shaped gift why not try wrapping it in a string of LED lights? It looks amazing and your recipient will be thrilled! You should probably let them keep the lights too!