How to Wear Airpods So You Don’t Lose Them When Active

Airpods are one of the popular trends that are growing in popularity. The AirPods not only feel good, but they also look great, and it is so much easy to handle than having to use Earpods with wires dangling from your ear. But while Airpods may look great and feel great, with good sound and all, the one size fit apple designed, it could get pretty annoying once it starts slipping off your ears. If you are one of those that always have to adjust your AirPods just to prevent them from slipping off here are a few tips and tricks you can try for easy use

Use a waterproof tape

This is one DIY method that can be used to keep your Airpods in place. You would need sticky waterproof tape like the Nexcare 3M brand. Next, for our circular or rectangular piece of tape use either a hole puncher or scissors. To each AirPods, Stick one piece of the tape near the top and another piece near the bottom close to the part where the AirPods sticks in the ear. Move around,  for some time to see if the AirPods still stick to your ear. 

Twist the AirPods

This trick never gets old,  if you just hook your apps in your ear with the steam facing downwards it may end up slipping from your ears again. While this trick may not work for everyone,  it’s worth giving a shot. The rule to this trick is to place the AirPods in your ear and twist it up around 30° so the stem would not be facing downwards but horizontally, sticking out away from the ear.  

Airpod covers

Some AirPods covers have been designed to prevent your AirPods from slipping off your ear. The EarskinZ AirPods cover fits your AirPods snugly and it provides a secure and comforting fit when you wear the AirPods. Some AirPods covers may be thicker than others but they still feel comfortable in the ear.  The only downside is you have to take them off from the AirPods when you want to put them back into the case while charging. 

Use ear hooks

Even though some AirPods are small they may still slip off from your ear even with a silicone tip that is designed for anti-slip purposes. An ear hook is just what you need at this point.  The ear hook is a little silicon hook that can be attached to your AirPods. These ear hooks can be wrapped around your ear,  it fits in nicely and stays on, thereby lessening the risk of the AirPods getting lost. 

Another DIY trick to try if you always lose your AirPods case.  Just add a tile to the back of your phone,  this product is designed to attach to things you tend to lose often like your AirPods case so you can track them with your phone. With the company app, you can be able to track your lost items.  To attach the tile to your Airpods just get velcro and fix the tile to the back of the AirPods case.