How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets in Fun Colors and Designs

It is easy to refresh your bathroom cabinets with a new coat of paint and a fun design. But whatever color you decide upon it is important to ensure that you make a good job of it, and that means preparation. How to paint bathroom cabinets in fun colors and designs is an enjoyable creative fun job but if you don’t approach this carefully , the results will never live up to your ideas.

Your first step should be to remove the cupboard doors. Never paint over hinges and fixtures because this not only looks bad, it will cause you a problem for your future decorating later.  So take off the doors and photograph or write down how they fit together so you can easily put them back.

You can remove screws and fixtures with a cordless drill so it is an easy job. Keep the bits in a container so that you can fit them back easily. If any of the screws are rusted or corroded, just buy new from the hardware store.

Before you paint the cabinets, clean both sides of the doors to remove any grease and dirt and do the same with the shelves. A cleaning product like TSP (trisodium phosphate) is ideal but make sure you wear eye protection and gloves.

Once clean, leave the pieces to dry and then fill in any dents with wood filler or spackling compound. The next step is to apply the primer and paint.

How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets in Fun Colors and Designs is a fun job but if you want to try out a vibrant color it is a good idea to check out how it looks before you paint the entire cabinet.  Fun primary colors can be overpowering so consider the décor of your whole bathroom before you commit and maybe try buying some tester pots before first.

Stencils can also create a fun effect. These are available in all sorts of bathroom friendly shapes and designs such as palm trees, shells and boats, so pick a theme and just run with it. You can also create your own stencil design if you have Adobe Photoshop but with so many great designs available it hardly seems worth it.

Stencils are easy to apply. The secret is to fix them in place securely and to mask off any areas you wish to leave unpainted. Follow all the instructions on the pack for the best results.

Once you have painted your cabinets, don’t neglect the rest of your bathroom. If you are creating a fun theme try adding some decorations so that you can create a whole fun ambience that works well together. Check out our guide to Funny Home Decorations for the Bathroom for some further inspiration.