How to Make Stormtrooper Costume from Star Wars

If you are a “Star Wars” fan, with a desire to dress as a stormtrooper, you will already know that a custom built costume is expensive. We found one company offering a sale price on basic costumes that starts at $850, and this as advertised as a good deal and probably is. However there is another option, and that is to make your own stormtrooper costume. Not only does this save you a ton of money, once you know how to make stormtrooper costume from “Star Wars,” you could start up a side business making them for your friends! It requires patience, time, and some technical knowhow. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Make Stormtrooper Costume

What You Need:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Fiberglass resin
  • Cloth and filler
  • Bottle of contact cement
  • Screws
  • White spray paint
  • 3 rolls of blue and tan painters tape
  • A Roll of white electric tape
  • Velcro 
  • White zip ties
  • Snips 
  • Razor cutting blades 
  • Paintbrushes


Your first step is to build the body armor out of cardboard. So take accurate body measurements and cut to size.

Bend the pieces to the correct shape and fix together with pins, screws, and tape. Then apply the fiberglass cloth and resin. You will need to wear a protective mask and gloves for this.

Once the fiberglass is in place and dried, you can apply painter’s tape over the surface and then another layer of resin for a smooth finish.

The details can be tricky to create. You can build up the shoulders, belt, and groin by using stacks of cardboard, sticking them together with the contact cement, and cutting them to size with a utility knife. Because all the pieces of stormtrooper armor are separate, you can work on them individually until you have them looking right. Coat it with a final layer of resin so that you have a smooth finish. Add any extra details by sticking them on with glue.

To keep the stormtrooper costume in place while you are wearing it, glue Velcro pads to the inside. Paint them white so they are not noticeable.

To finish off the costume, get some cement boots from your local hardware store and paint them white. Wear black sweatpants and a sweat top under the costume, so that the final look is right.

Learning how to make stormtrooper costume from Star Wars is a pretty complex undertaking that many people might struggle with. That said, if you are experienced with using fiberglass and have the time and space to carry out this project, results can be impressive.

You might struggle with making the stormtrooper helmet, so a better option is to buy this important part of the armour. We have seen full-sized adult helmets for as little as $24m which are made of lightweight plastic and comfortable to wear. If you want a more deluxe model with a voice changer, prices start at around $189 for a reconditioned model.