How to Make Miniature Dollhouse Furniture for a Fairy Garden

Making miniature dollhouse furniture is a very absorbing and fun thing to do. You can buy a range of miniature furniture accessories for a dolls house which you can customise to your own tastes. And if you have children, grandkids or just fancy making a perfect thing of beauty, a dollhouse always looks fantastic and satisfies your creative urges.

Making a fairy garden brings interest and quirkiness to your garden too. For visitors,  discovering a small fairy grotto that could be used by the fairies is just so cute and attractive. And creating a magical space in your garden complete with fairy furniture is just so satisfying and fun as well as effective.

How to make miniature dollhouse furniture for a fairy garden is not difficult or expensive. You can buy ready-made miniature furniture from any hobby suppliers but you can also make your own. And because the scale of dollhouse furniture is so small you don’t need any special tools or equipment.

If you want to make miniature dollhouse furniture for a fairy garden, your best option is to use a combination of bought items with home-made ingenuity.

Garden twigs can make great fairy furniture

Clear the space for your fairy grotto and use garden twigs to make tables and chairs for the visiting fairies. It is easy to make a rustic fairy table by using a small square flat surface (or woven twigs or palm leaves) supported by twig legs. You can use the same techniques for the chairs and add a couple of miniature toy cats to sit on the furniture before the fairies arrive!

Lolly sticks

Use old lolly sticks to create a picket fence. Paint them white and fix into place in the ground. You can also make a gate out of lolly sticks, fixing the cross pieces in place with glue.

Use old wine corks to make mini planters

When you want to know how to make miniature dollhouse furniture for a fairy garden, you have to bear in mind that everything is on a tiny scale.

Create fairy sized plant pots from old wine corks by hollowing out the cork with a knife, filling with a tiny amount of soil and planting a tiny succulent plant. Fix the cork pots in place by adding a magnet to the base and placing on a hidden metal strip. Alternatively fix the mini planters in place by gluing to a wooden support.

Other useful materials for your fairy garden

Colored stones, pieces of glass and tiny accessories such as watering cans, cups and teapots will add interest and color to your fairy garden. A handful of colored gravel provides an area for the garden where you can display your items.

Make a sign for your fairy garden

A small rustic sign that you can hang from a branch can top off your fairy garden. Just use a small piece of painted wood and paint on a cute slogan such as “Fairies Only” and use a piece of twine as a support.