How to Make Balloon Hearts

If you want to know how to make balloon hearts, you first have to decide on the scale. If you want an enormous heart made from numerous round balloons, it can look very impressive and colourful. Alternatively, you might want your balloon heart to actually be heart shaped. Either is possible, so read on.

Make Hanging Balloon Heart

To make an enormous hanging balloon heart you will need about 150 balloons. Choose red, pink, and purple balloons in various sizes. You will need a balloon pump too to make inflating them much easier.

You also need a cardboard template. You can make this out of an old cardboard packing box. Make the heart template in sections by cutting out strips of cardboard and gluing them together. The strips need to be about 2 ½ inches width.

Once the template is assembled, cover the template with your biggest balloons fixing them with gaffer tape. Once you can no longer see the cardboard, you can start piling on the other balloons using a variety of sizes of colours.

How to make balloon hearts in the right size is up to you, but the simple rule of thumb is to ensure you have enough balloons to fill the frame so you can pretty much do this by eye. Once the heart is finished, attach string to the top two sides of your heart and hang it in place.

Make Twisted Heart Balloons

How to make balloon hearts with twisted individual balloons is a bit easier and they will take up far less space. We love funny home decorations, and heart-shaped balloons can decorate anywhere in the home and make a lovely surprise that shows you care.

First you need to buy balloons especially designed for twisting as this is the correct long thin shape.

Inflate the balloon so that it is fully inflated but not hard, and twist a round bubble shape at the end. Then get the other end of your balloon, bringing the tip to the crease in the bubble and wedge it so that it creates a new smaller bubble.

Block these bubbles and then give a pinch twist to the original bubble so that the structure is secure. Position the bubbles at the bottom of the balloon, and then bring the two upper sides of the loop against each other and pull them down towards the knot.

Turn this bend into an acute angle by twisting. Do this a couple of times, holding the balloon in one hand and twisting the bend with the other.

Finally, release the pressure and slowly ease back on the angle. The balloon should then form into a heart shape.

Balloon twisting does take some practice, but once you master the technique you will never run out of novelty decorations again.