How to Make a Cat Bowtie

You might wonder why you would want to bother in finding out how to make a cat bowtie, but it’s one of those things that once you see – and the internet is full of this stuff – the idea kind of takes root and you will probably want one too!

After all, what is actually funnier than dressing up your cat? You know that you cat will either love it or hate it – and it does look incredibly cute and appealing. Many cats seem to like it too. Wearing a bow tie brings out their suave and sophisticated side!

So, how to make a cat bowtie? We like to keep things simple, so here is a simple way that does not require any sewing but does require a glue gun, some material, and some Velcro.

Easy Ways of How to Make a Cat Bowtie

Step One

First, cut out the fabric pieces. You will need a large rectangle of about 22cm x 11.5cm for the bow tie. You will also have a long strip of around 28cm x 4cm for the collar. In addition, you will need a piece of ribbon or fabric 5cm x 6cm for the centre of the bow tie. This size should suit the average adult cat.

Step Two

Take the rectangular piece and fold it lengthwise into the middle, fixing it with a drop of glue. Fold both ends of the rectangle into the centre too and fix with another drop of glue.

Step Three

Now your shape is still a rectangle but much smaller, so cinch in the middle so it is a bow tie shape and secure it with hot glue on the front and back.

Step Four

Now take your long collar piece and fold it into thirds, so you can’t see the rough edges. Iron it and run the hot glue down the seam to fix it in place.

Step Five

Glue the collar piece to the bow tie. Use the piece of ribbon or fabric to fit round the bow tie where the knot would be in a real bow tie.

Step Six

Finally glue some Velcro ends onto the collar, so that you can fix it easily to your cat.

If you are good at sewing or don’t have a glue gun, you can make a cat bowtie using the same dimensions as provided above. Instead of sticking the components together and sticking the edges with glue to create a smooth edge, you simply use a needle and thread for the same purpose. There really is no right or wrong way when it comes to finding out how to make a cat bowtie. There are several methods available and patterns online to download. You can also buy ready made cat bow ties from a wide choice of outlets including eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. Happy hunting!