How to Grow Hair Faster

We have around 10,000 hair follicles on our scalp as our life time’s supply and according to the American Academy of Dermatology we lose around 50 – 100 hairs a day. The hair is nourished by an oil gland under the skin which gives the hair a glossy appearance and as we age, we find that our hair often becomes dryer and more brittle. Teenagers by contrast often suffer lank greasy hair because the hormones increase oil production.

There are lots of factors that influence hair growth. Genetics and hormones play a role so for example if you are a man who is going bald, and baldness is in the family you will probably lose your hair too. That said there are ways to improve the condition of your hair so if you want to know how to grow hair faster, try some of our tips.

1/ eating a healthy diet will help your hair.  Your hair needs protein to grow so make sure you are eating well, or your hair will suffer as a result. If you are following a weight loss diet for example your body is put under stress so you may find the lack of nutrients slows the growth of your hair. It can take months for your hair to return to normal growth following a restrictive diet.

2/ improve your nutrient profile. Your body and your hair are affected by your nutritional intake and certain substances, minerals and the amino acids in protein can boost hair growth. Biotin, vitamins, and minerals including zinc are good for health as well as your hair.

3/ essential oils can help hair growth. Studies have shown that natural essential oils including peppermint, grape seed oil and rosemary oil can boost hair growth by as much as 40%.

4/ go easy with the hair treatment. Straightening tongs, hair dryers and hair dye can damage the hair and cause it to break. There are heat protectant products on the market that can help prevent damage, but the best option is to keep such treatments to a minimum.

5/ have a scalp massage. It is believed that a scalp massage can stimulate the blood vessels under the skin which can lead to improved hair growth.

6/ Take a supplement aimed at improving the condition and growth of your hair. There are a few supplements out there but one that we like is Hair Growth +  by Douglas laboratories. This contains a clinically studied formula comprising of zinc, amino acid taurine, green tea extract, essential grape seed oil and pea shoot extract.

Douglas Laboratories  is a US company that specialises in providing safe, natural, and effective health supplements for a range of health issues and is a brand that you can trust. So even if you don’t usually take health supplements you can be confident that this brand will always deliver without side effects.