How to Get Electrolytes While Fasting

Going on a fast or switching to the Keto diet can have many health benefits eventually but can cause a range of unpleasant side effects too including flu like symptoms, lack of energy and fatigue and general low feelings. 

Although it is inevitable that you will feel some hunger while fasting, most of these side effects are caused by a lack of electrolytes. How to get electrolytes while fasting is therefore a common question among people who are taking any type of extreme diet but wish to maintain health and wellbeing along the way. 

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are tiny electrically charged minerals that help your body carry out all of its activities such as making your muscles work and producing energy. They are obtainable by diet so when you fast, you miss out on electrolytes too which can be dangerous for health. Common side effects include muscle cramps. fatigue and dehydration. If you know how to get electrolytes while fasting, it will not only help your health, it will make your fast much easier too. 

There are several minerals that the body uses as electrolytes. These include sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, and magnesium. You don’t normally have to consider them because they are present in your normal food and drink.

Many people who fast struggle with side effects and in most cases this is more to do with the lack of electrolytes than it is with feeling hungry or missing out on food. After all most of us have fat deposits to keep us going but because your body cannot store electrolytes, this can cause some people are problem. 

How to get electrolytes while fasting is most easily achieved by taking a supplement containing these necessary minerals. Electrolyte supplements are easily obtainable and most commonly available in powder form where they are packaged in sachets. 

Trace Minerals Research Keto Drops is something different, because it comes in the form of liquid drops. Easy and convenient to use, you just add 5 drops (equivalent of a teaspoon) to any drink and you are good to go! It is especially useful before and after any type of exercise because this depletes the body’s electrolyte levels. 

The drops provide the full spectrum of electrolytes so that your body can cope with the rigours of fasting without causing added issues due to electrolyte loss.

Trace Minerals Research Keto Drops would be a good choice if you don’t want the hassle of mixing up powders; it is super convenient for use if you are at work, on the go, or at the gym and is a good quality supplement that delivers.