Futuristic Space Decor for Your Home

Whether you are a sci-fi fan, passionate about space travel, or the stars and planets of the night sky, futuristic space décor can look fantastic in your home. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) based in California Institute of Technology has designed a range of artwork called Visions of the Future. Each NASA space tourism poster has been designed by artists and scientists and is a stunningly beautiful piece of artwork.

Why Get a NASA Space Tourism Poster?

Space tourism may be a trend for the future but why not get in now with a NASA space tourism poster? They look fantastic and quirky too. One we particularly like is the NASA Grand Tour poster. Advertised as a once in a lifetime getaway that takes you on a tour of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus, the poster is available in a choice of sizes up to 32” x 48”. It combines a retro style with the futuristic and is wall art that will suit any home or office.

To continue the theme, check out the entire set of posters. Featuring stunning sci-fi artwork depicting the worlds of Jupiter, Mars, Earth – your oasis in space, and more, the 15 posters each measure 11” x 17”. They look fantastic in frames and can be displayed throughout your home, as a theme in a hallway, living room, or office. Each JPL NASA space tourism poster is a work of art with a timeless appeal. The artists and designers have referenced old sci-fi movies, vintage holiday posters from the 1930s with futuristic design, so the overall effect is both stunning and amusing too.

For a more vintage appeal, why not try a set of vintage design drawings taken from patent office drawings? The set of four features the space shuttle (1977), the space suit design, the space pod, and a planetarium designed in 1907.

Don’t forget the classic photograph of the astronaut standing on the moon with the Earth behind him. This iconic image is now available printed on canvas measuring 20” x 36” and would make a stunning addition to any home. There is also a similar photographic painting image of a NASA rocket ship being launched to outer space, which is equally eye catching.

Interested in Space?

If you are interested in space, you don’t have to stop at a NASA space tourism poster. What about a mobile phone stand and charging unit that features some of the JPL NASA designs? We liked this one of Venus. Other designs include the grand Tour design and also the Golden Record – the information about our planet that was sent into space via Voyager.

To continue the space theme further, why not decorate part of the room with some stunning planet wallpaper. This is advertised for kids but would look fantastic in any room. In addition, a rug depicting the planets would liven up any floor space.

Futuristic space décor for your home is a great way to show your individual style. Even if you don’t want to go the whole way with space-inspired rugs and wallpaper, a NASA space tourism poster will suit any style of decorating.

Which is your favorite NASA space tourism poster?