Funny Pacifiers for Baby

If you want to keep your baby happy and calm, a pacifier can do the trick. All babies and small infants find comfort from sucking pacifiers, and if you don’t use a pacifier, your baby will probably use his or her thumb instead. This may look more acceptable, and of course you will never have that crisis when you can’t find the pacifier, but it can cause orthodontic damage to developing teeth as the baby pulls and sucks on his or her thumb.

Therefore pacifiers do provide a vital function and are available in many shapes and designs that can be surprising. So if you have ever thought you couldn’t see anything any more tasteless and disturbing, check out some of these funny pacifiers for babies to reach a whole new level or wrongness.

Funny Pacifiers for Baby

PIMP Pacifier

First up, what could be more amusing than a Billy Bob Playground Gold Pimp Baby Pacifier? The pacifier features some gold colored bling lettering reading PIMP.  Do you really want your baby to be sucking on PIMP? What does it say about you as a parent? Surprisingly this pacifier is very popular, so it seems that plenty of people do get the joke.

Front Teeth Pacifier

Other Billy Bob funny pacifiers for babies include All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth! This one has two giant front teeth so it looks pretty funny in a disturbing way.

Mute Button Pacifier

It’s never too early to make whiny kids shut up and stop making noise, so a cute pink pacifier that displays the words Mute Button, is the perfect way to reinforce this message even before the baby can speak. We wouldn’t mind as much had this particular model been available in blue for boys. It isn’t.

Vampire Teeth Pacifier

The little vampire dummy is hilarious. What could be funnier than your own little vampire baby sporting a full set of false vampire teeth? 

Moustache Pacifier

Not all funny pacifiers for babies are tasteless and disturbing. A few of them are quite sweet and amusing. For boys, a little pacifier decorated with a curly moustache can be quite appealing. This idea is popular with manufacturers so you have a wide choice available, including the Teether Pacifier Black Silicon Moustache.

USA Flag Pacifier

Some pacifiers give you a chance to show off how you feel about your country. For patriotic types, a pacifier that proudly states Born in the USA and decorated in red white and blue is the perfect way to be an American.

Plush Animal Pacifier

You can also find funny pacifiers for babies that are attached to soft toys. These look cute, but as they are not recommended for babies with teeth, it seems likely that the added weight of the toy may cause orthodontic damage to the development of the teeth. Models include Wubbanub Infant Pacifier Giraffe or Wubbanub Infant Pacifier Penguin. These funny pacifiers are really cute and appealing, as long as you remember not to use it once teeth begin to grow.

What are your favorite funny pacifiers for babies?