Funny Ideas for DIY Cubicle Wallpaper at the Office

We all spend a lot of time at work, so personalizing your office space is a great way to create a more pleasant environment to work in. Fitting out your office cubicle in a personal way that you like is fun to do, and the best thing is that it doesn’t cost very much to do it. Covering the walls with DIY cubicle wallpaper can be completed in a lunch break, as long as you have prepared in advance.

Imagine how surprised your co-workers will be when they see what you have achieved in such a short time with your space! Here are some quick ideas to help you.

Weird & Wacky DIY Cubicle Wallpaper

Cover the walls in fabric. Most office cubicle walls are made of bulletin board, so you can often tack fabric over them. The choice of design is up to you. What about some retro 70s style wallpaper fabric? Or try cool plain bright colors or Nordic decoration for some cozy appeal?  

To change the vibe of the cubicle why not use fablon to transport your cubicle into rustic bricks, scrap wood, mahogany panels, or even a camouflage area?

You don’t have to buy special fabric to do this. You could always use ordinary wallpaper or even wrapping paper to cover your walls. DIY cubicle wallpaper can be literally made of anything as long as you can fix it to the wall and remove it easily when it is time to move on.

Additional Office Decor Tips

Once you have decided upon your DIY cubicle wallpaper, it is time to make some additional embellishments. Dreaming of the beach? Instead of those boring cubicle walls that feel more like a prison, Amtoodopin’s 3D Beach Seascape Fake Windows Wall Stickers offer a landscape view complete with fake windows lets you look out across the bay and dream of summer. 

You can also use this effect with a peaceful lake scene. This works brilliantly well in combination with some stylish wallpaper or fabric and gives the impression that you are in a lovely lodge or cabin somewhere far away from work.

For a simpler, more professional option, hang some favorite photos or postcards up that you like. You can create a wall of color by adding some bulletin boards and filling them with fantastic images. Alternatively, some breeze point fabric and memo boards with ribbons will enable you to add and take away pictures as you like. You can even include the odd motivational message too.

Hanging things from your DIY cubicle walls is not only decorative, but it can also be useful too. Make a feature out of your office equipment by fixing some hanging storage space where you can store all your things. 

Alternatively, pure decorations such as tassels, decorative balls, or fairy lights can transform your cubicle and create a great vibe. Fairy lights don’t have to just be for Christmas, you can use them throughout the year. It is your cubicle space, and as long as the rules at your office permit, you can do (almost anything) that you want. Be sure to check with the regulations from Human Resources first, though. Some offices are stricter than others about cubicle decoration.

DIY cubicle wallpaper is a wonderful way to transform your office space. And the beauty is that with such a small area you can change it as often as you like. According to many office workers, feeling more at home in your cubicle increases your productivity by enabling you to spend your time more happy at work. This means it is a win-win situation for both you and your employer.