Funny Home Decorations for the Bathroom

Bring some humor into your bathroom with funny home decorations. There are some great ones out there that will always bring a smile to you, your family, and your visitors!

Don’t Miss Out on These 5 Funny Home Decorations for the Bathroom!

Vintage Signs

Choose from a wide range of pictures and signs. Some of these provide great instructions in a funny non-offensive way. For example, we love this slogan about Jesus and germs. “Wash your hands and say your prayers, because Jesus and germs are everywhere.”

These vintage style signs can raise a smile and remind people to follow proper etiquette in the bathroom.  With some ’50s inspired images and good quality American manufacturing, vintage bathroom signs can make great gifts as well as bring some humor into your bathroom.

Messages may also include: “No selfies in the bathroom” and “Ladies, remain seated for the whole performance.”

Oil Paintings

How about an oil painting on canvas to decorate your bathroom? A painting of a funny elephant sitting on the toilet is a great way to make you smile when you are engaged in business in the smallest and most important room in the house. Chucoco Oil Paintings provide a range of bathroom suitable paintings, including comedy signs, animal pictures, and flowers.

Novelty Toilet Roll Holders

There’s nothing funny about a toilet roll holder, or is there? Try introducing some Egyptian style bling into your bathroom with a Tutankhamen toilet roll holder. The King of the Throne will hold your toilet paper just as he held royal papyrus rolls in ancient times.

Design Toscano provide a range of Egyptian-inspired funny home decorations such as tissue holders, and alternative toilet roll holders featuring Egyptian goddesses. They also have a range of mythical dragons.

Musical Toilet Roll Dispensers

You might not want a musical toilet roller all year round, but it is a great way to celebrate the holidays.

Nothing says Christmas more than a Christmas spin-a-song musical toilet roll dispenser. This quality Hallmark product plays you Christmas carols accompanied by comedy fart noises, and if that isn’t funny, we don’t know what is!

Hallmark also provides a similar toilet roll dispenser for Halloween. They obviously are still working on Easter, and the mind boggles at what they will come up with next.

Bathroom Bowl Lights

We haven’t seen this before, but these bathroom bowl lights are a great way to liven up your toilet and will make a great gift for the man or woman who has everything.

The light fits into the toilet bowl and runs through a series of 16 programmable colors. Activated by motion detection within 5 ft of the toilet, the bathroom bowl light brings a new dimension to your bathroom. It is also restful, so if you have to answer a call of nature in the middle of the night, you don’t have to turn on the bathroom light.

Funny home decorations in the bathroom show your individuality and bring some humor into the smallest room in the house. Also check out our funky home decor ideas for home cigar rooms and man caves!