Funniest Toilet Seat Designs

We tend to ignore our toilets and as long as they are clean and fit for purpose, we don’t consider them over much. This is a mistake. The smallest room in the house is also the place where everyone spends time, so why not bring some humor into proceedings?

Does it drive you mad when people leave the toilet seat up? Try buying a decal that reminds people to “Put Me Down”. This is available on Amazon for just $5.90

How about an appealing goldfish design for your toilet lid? The Sanilo Elongated Toilet Seat is funny and attractive and can liven up any bathroom. The toilet seat and lid is well made with strong hinges and is on sale from Amazon.

Keep Calm and Flush It! This is a great message for any bathroom and this attractive toilet seat lid decorated with sunflowers is a polite way of reminding family members to do just that. It comes as a decal that you can stick to the seat and is available via Amazon.

Transform your toilet into an upmarket club fixture! This toilet seat and lid is well made and functional and with its VIP Lounge Members Club logo in black and gold, it will always raise a smile in your bathroom

Cute animals. Beach scenes. City Scapes?  Why not add these images to your bathroom with a custom made toilet seat and lid? There are some fantastic RD designs available from Amazon; the only question is which one should you choose?

We couldn’t miss out a simple decal that will always make you smile. We all know that sh*t happens, especially in the smallest room and the cute poo logo with smiling face over the word “happens “ is actually quite charming as well as a little bit rude. Buy it via Amazon.

To find out more ideas for funny home decorations for the bathroom, check out our earlier page on I Can Has Internets for some great ideas and further inspiration.