Funniest Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021

Christmas shopping can always be tricky. Just what do you get those friends and family members as a thoughtful gift that raises a smile as well? Luckily the internet is full of fun stuff to buy that won’t cost you a fortune, so lets take a look at some of the funniest novelty gifts this season.

Bob Ross Bobblehead. With Bob, no mistake is ever a mistake; it’s just a happy little accident. This cute talking bobblehead figure will brighten anyone’s day with 10 great sayings from the painting maestro himself and it even comes with a book of some of Bob’s great paintings.

MyPup Novelty Socks: what says thoughtful more than giving someone a pair of socks with your face (or the gift recipient’s) face printed all over them? MyPup Novelty socks are available in a wide choice of jazzy colors and designs and are suitable for men and for women.

If you know someone who looks “good enough to eat “why not go one step further and give them a Burrito blanket? The Casufo Burritos Blanket is a double sided comfy throw made from soft fleece and is perfect for snuggling up on the sofa, camping or anywhere you choose to be. It’s washable, comfy and it looks hilarious so is ideal for posting cute pics on social media!

Alternatively choose the Pizza Blanket as a gift for your pizza loving friend, teenager or partner.

Read This If You Want To Become Instagram Famous by author Henry Carroll is a book that talks you through how to become famous on Instagram. So if you have a wannabee influencer in your life, this book will actually help them post fantastic though provoking and beautiful pictures that will get them noticed.

The Cosy Hippo Scented Plush is an adorable plush toy that you can heat in the microwave and take to bed. Once warmed, the lavender infused stuffing releases a soothing aroma and the plushy is comfy and calming to cuddle as well. Ideal for restless sleepers of all ages, this great gift is practical and lovely as well as fun. Others in the range include; the Cosy Hamster, and the Cosy Dino as well as a great selection of other designs.

Most of us enjoy a glass of wine sometimes, especially after a challenging day. The Funny Guys Don’t Even Ask Wine Glass gets the message across. It is a good quality wine glass with three measurement lines marked on the outside. The “easy day,” line is the equivalent of a normal measure whereas the “don’t even ask, “line is close to the top.

Bathroom novelty gifts are also a great way to introduce humor into the smallest room and will always make your gift recipient smile. To get some great inspiration, check out some great ideas via our guide to funny home decorations for the bathroom