The Weird Holiday Tradition Behind the Elf on the Shelf

It is Christmastime again! The season with so many traditions, from the general to the personal ones. We are going to look at one of those traditions in this piece, specifically the weird holiday tradition behind the elf on the shelf. This is one of those traditions that people have mixed feelings about. It is weird, interesting, and intriguing.

Holiday Tradition Behind the Elf on the Shelf

This Christmas tradition is associated with a pixie elf that accompanies a storybook. The elf is referred to in the book as an elf for scouting, and this elf is supposed to sit somewhere in your home to monitor the kids and their behavior during the season. The elf would fly to the north pole to Santa and update Santa on how the kids in the home have been acting, so depending on these reports Santa would be able to properly compile his nice list and naughty list.

The elf would return to the house before anyone wakes up and pick a new spot to monitor the kids from; this way the kids rarely know where the elf monitors them from, thereby creating some type of weird hide and go seek game.

The internet is awash with conflicting reactions from so many people about this tradition. Some people like it, some detest it, some find it very weird, some find it very intriguing, and some modify the tradition to fit their family, while others outright throw it out. So many people do not know the origins of this weird holiday tradition. So let’s dive in!

Origins of the Elf on the Shelf

This tradition originated from the creative mind of Carol Aebersold with Christa Pitts and Chanda Bell (her daughters). A poem was written by Carol and Chanda in 2004, this poem later became the story that the elf accompanies. Christa joined them the following year, and they started their company to help propagate the tradition and story of the elf on the shelf.

This tradition had been in their family since the late 20th century. The name of their elf was Fisbee. This helped the kids do good things and try to be on Santa’s nice list, and they used it as an avenue to get through to Santa. This tradition grew through the generations, from mother to children and now the world. The ideas that were weaved together to make this tradition truly intriguing are fun and somewhat novel.

The year 2004 marked the immortalization of this unique family’s tradition through their hard work and enterprise. Now this tradition has spread across the world, and it has of course has made a ton of money for its creators. They took risks and placed their bets on this idea, fought hard, and sacrificed to make it widespread.

Do you practice this tradition or a version of the elf on the shelf? Do you think it is a cool tradition or one that should be flushed down the toilet? No matter what this is one weird holiday tradition that we cannot get out of our heads.