DIY Ghost Hunting EVP Recorder Apps

Electronic voice phenomena, or EVP, are the sounds from the spirit world that can be picked up and recorded by recording equipment. So if you are a ghost hunter this is something that you definitely need in your armoury of equipment.  These days, there is a wide range of EVP recorder apps for your phone, so you can benefit from some great technology for very little cost and in a convenient form. So whether you want to connect with relatives who have passed, or you want to investigate haunted buildings, downloading EVP recorder apps to your phone will help you potentially hear spirit voices and messages from the great beyond.

Best EVP Recorder Apps

Spotted Ghost EVP Recorder

One of the most popular EVP recorder apps on the market is the Spotted Ghost EVP Recorder. This Android app was recently used on a paranormal show called “Celebrity Haunted Hotel” and is a 100% digital recorder that does not use any fakery in order to create a spooky effect. It features an EVP analyser, and you can play back and change the speed and the pitch of your recordings as well as share results. According to most customers, this app works and many people have had success in using to it communicate with the spirit world.

EVP Recorder

EVP Recorder is another great choice on Android. We found this on Google Play, and with over 890,000 since launching in 2014, this free app is used by EVP researchers across the world. Many people have had terrifying experiences when using this app. Of course, any EVP recorder is just a digital recorder, so results will depend upon where you are and the paranormal activity going on around you.

Ghost EVP Radio

Checking out the App Store, Apple phone and tablet users also have a range of EVP recorder apps to choose from. Ghost EVP Radio looks like one of the best and features a wide choice of functions. This paid app generates audible speech by detecting meaningful phrases and words together with properties such as gender, age, and the current mood of the communicating entity. Many people have scared themselves very badly by using this app, and it comes with a health warning!

Ghost Recorder

Ghost Recorder is a free app that is supposed to record paranormal sounds, but according to reviewers is full of fake noises such as groans and screams. This seems likely because according to the app description, when you play back the sounds, you’ll hear a collection of ghostly shrieks and freaky sounds. This may be fun if you want to scare your friends, but is not up to the job of serious paranormal research.

Ultimate Ghost Detector

Ultimate Ghost Detector is a good quality app aimed at paranormal investigators, and it detects movement as well as sound. It comes with a wide range of extras including a flashlight and a superfast camera setting and is 100% real, meaning it does not add built in sounds or readings; it only records what is there! This app has had over a million downloads and has very high customer ratings. The app is very inexpensive and is certainly one of the best EVP recorder apps available.