Daschund Christmas Ornaments

We all love our little sausage dogs. They look so cute and are part of the family, so they need to be celebrated. And what better way is there to do this than with some dachshund inspired Christmas ornaments?

We’ve picked out seven of the best daschund Christmas ornaments we could find. Which one will you choose this holiday season?

7 Cute Daschund Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Daschund Christmas Ornament

How about a personalized Christmas tree ornament that comes with the name of your pooch and the year engraved? This is a great way to celebrate your daschund, and if you have sadly lost your beloved pal, it provides a great way to honor his or her memory. A personalised dog bauble makes a great gift for any dog loving pal or the family. The ornament is made of hardwearing resin and is unbearably cute. You can choose from all the various breeds of dog but in our opinion, you can’t top a dachshund!

Ballerina Daschund Christmas Ornaments

If you like a bit of Christmas bling and you like dachshunds, you will love a Ballerina Dog Glass Christmas Ornament. The glass statuette features an adorable pink dachshund wearing a ballerina tutu with plenty of sparkle.

Alternatively, choose the male dog version that comes ready wrapped with a cute red ribbon, adorable eyes and some festive glitter. Cute and fun, he is bound to raise a smile over the holidays for any dog lover.

Winter-Themed Daschund Christmas Ornament

Nothing says Christmas more than the sight of three festive dachshunds taking part in winter sports of sledding, skiing, and skating. These Christmas tree ornaments are wearing hats too. In truth, it is all a bit mad, but it is fun and the figurines are well made and hand painted and feature a silver loop for easy hanging on the tree.

Realistic Daschund Christmas Ornament

The Dachshund miniature dog ornament looks very realistic. If it wasn’t for the fact that it is a lot smaller than a real dog, it would look like your sausage dog has decided to hang himself in the tree and to wear a scarf (detachable). This Christmas tree ornament can also be placed on a table or desk. It actually looks very appealing and is the more naturalistic out of the dachshund Christmas ornaments we have seen so far.

Snowy Daschund Christmas Ornament

The Dachshund dashing through the snow Christmas ornament is lovely. This natural wood finish design features a picture of a cute dachshund running through snow, wearing a scarf and looking full of joy. This one is actually very tasteful and nice and would make a good gift for any dachshund owner.

Daschund Christmas Lights

Who cares about dachshund Christmas ornaments when you can have dachshund themed fairy lights? Each light is in the form of a dachshund and the lights can be programmed in all the usual ways such as twinkling, colour changing and more. There are thirty tiny dachshund lights on the 10ft cable. Like getting a dog, these lights are not just for Christmas; you can use them all year round. And don’t forget to give you beloved pet a holiday gift this year! We recommend getting one of the weirdest squeaky toys for small dogs. There’s even a “Dognald” Trump toy that squeaks when squeezed.