Dark Star Tech Decks: Skateboards for your hands!

Dark Star Tech Decks are skateboards for your hands! These cute little mini skateboards are identical to full sized skateboards but only measure 96mm. Tech Decks or Fingerboards, as they are also known, are very collectable and popular worldwide. They first came onto the market in 1999 and have generated legions of new fans.

Why Collect Dark Star Tech Decks?

It is easy to see why. According to Dark Star, the models are all authentic skateboards and are manufactured by real skateboard companies. Each one features the same cool genuine graphics of the full sized boards and they come from the best board manufacturers in the world.

If skateboarding is your passion, owning a collection of Dark Star Tech Decks is a way to own all the best decks in the world. Baker, Primitive, Plan B, Tony Machine, and more are all available to collect and display. They look great and although they are small, they are finished to a high end of engineering, just like the full sized version.

Prices for Dark Star Tech Decks vary according to the model. A collectible model such as the Tech Deck Santa Cruz Skateboards Series 8 Corey O’Brien Reaper Silver and Black Fingerboard, costs around $30 from Amazon. Other models may be more expensive or cheaper, according to demand and popularity. Many people trade in Tech Decks in the same way as with any collectible.

As with full-sized skateboards, you can customise your Dark Star Tech Decks. The wheels are interchangeable,and  you can change the trucks and design your own custom skateboard based on the best that the industry has to offer.

As well as being fun to collect for serious skate fans, Dark Star Tech Decks are great for performing tricks. If you check out YouTube, you can see some awesome tricks and turns. Because you can easily customise your decks you can get your fingerboards to do just about anything you can do on a full-sized deck by using your hands instead of your feet.

You can find a load of cool tricks and tips via the dark star tech decks website. You can also find inspiration via YouTube from serious skate fans.

Dark Star Tech Decks are fully collectable and there is a wide range of accessories available such as ramp sets, and more. You can also buy replicas of real skateboarding areas such as the iconic Brooklyn Banks in New York. You can buy accessories for customising your fingerboard and more.

Dark Star Tech Decks are aimed at kids aged 6 and over, but many people caught up in this craze are adults. If you fancy starting your own Dark Star collection, you can buy a pack of 4 for around $21.  Be warned, finger boarding or skateboarding for your hands does seem to be pretty addictive pastime and you might not stop until you have collected the lot!