Cutest Disney Watches for Kids

Kids love watches. It seems like such a grown up present when you are young.  Most kids love to show you how they can tell the time and to manage their time as well, so a watch is a great gift that teaches children how to be on time and keep appointments. Disney watches for kids combine the time-telling capabilities of a normal watch with some full on Disney cuteness that will always bring a smile to your child’s face.

7 Cutest Kids Watches

Mickey Mouse Disney watches for kids are probably the most classic Disney design.  We found one inexpensive analogue watch with a black strap displaying Mickey. His arms are the hands on the dial and the great thing about this watch is that it is clear and easy to read. Many children are struggling with the clock face now that so many timepieces have switched to digital display, so this Mickey Mouse watch will help your kids learn vital time telling skills.

If the Mickey Mouse seems more aimed at boys, girls can enjoy the same experience with a Minnie Mouse watch.  Her arms are the hands on the dial and with a cool tie dye inspired watch strap; this would be a great choice for any girl.

There is also a wide range of Disney watches for kids that feature other Disney characters. Popular with the girls especially a “Frozen”-inspired watch will become a treasured possession. You can choose between analogue watches such as the “Frozen” Anna and Elsa watch with a white strap and pink clock face.  Or alternatively choose a digital watch that displays the time electronically with no clock face.

One which we liked was the “Frozen” Quartz watch in turquoise with a sparkly turquoise strap. This would be great for any girl who needed to tell the time, but in this digital format will not be helpful if you are trying to teach basic clock-reading skills.

For boys, Disney cars look great. The clock face is decorated with a Disney car, and we particularly like that the hands are marked hour and minutes. Telling the time can be hard to master at first, so Disney watches for kids can really help improve vital life skills.

There are Disney watches for kids in a digital format. We found a great Disney smart watch that features Mickey Mouse on the screen and can be used as a camera, video maker, and has many other smart watch functions. For sure any kids will love this smart watch, but if you are considering helping your child understand how to tell the time, you may do better sticking with a traditional analog clock face.

You can also buy Disney watches for kids that come with a built in GPS and tracker system. The Gizmo watch Disney Edition – Connected Kids Smartwatch also offers two way calling and is set up to include calling to up to 10 contacts. Primarily aimed at safety, this watch also does cool stuff and functions as a step counter and more.