Cute, Cheap Heart Rings & Other Gift Ideas for Kids on Valentine’s Day

Kids love to join in with everything that is going on, including Valentine’s Day, with parties and special events to mark the day. Gifts for that special boy or girl at school or a party favour might not seem important to you, but to your kids it can mean everything in the world. Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive gift ideas for Valentine’s Day aimed at kids. Cheap heart rings, pieces of jewelry, and quirky gifts – ideal for sweet ideas on a budget.

Fun Kids’ Gifts

If you are hosting a Valentine’s Day kid’s party, nobody has to miss out on a party favour with the Rhode Island Novelty Plastic jewel ring collection. Sparkly and pretty these cheap heart rings are ideal for girls aged 6 years up.  

For a more special gift, the sterling silver heart ring with an attractive heart shaped gemstone makes a lovely gift that shows anyone that you care. Cheap heart rings that come with their own velvet pouch and are affordable to kids will make your child the coolest on the block when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

You don’t have to buy cheap heart rings to get the message across. How about a cute silver tone unicorn ring for the special princess in your life?  Your little girl will love this cute ring, and it is ideal for any special occasion.

For small children who want to join in the fun, the I Spy Valentines is a fun picture game for kids aged between 2 and 5. It is crammed with fun as well as sweet treats and surprises that will delight any child.

If you are hosting a Valentine’s Day Kids party, a set of party favours – including cool wristbands with fun messages and Valentines cards – will help your party go with a swing. There are 28 favours per packet, and they are suitable for boys as well as girls, with messages such as “cutie pie” and “you rock” so everyone can feel appreciated.

More Gift Ideas

Once the excitement of Valentine’s Day is over, the cheap heart rings are packed away and the last piece of candy has been eaten, it is time to calm down your little treasure for bedtime.

Try creating a peaceful restful ambience with essential oils from Plant Therapy, a company specializing in natural essential oils with a calming ambience.  Choose from a range of calming fragrances such as Harvest Moon, Organic Rosemary, or Organic Clary sage – plant extracts with proven restful properties to sooth your child into peaceful sleep.

Plant Therapy’s Forest Friends KidSafe Diffuser is designed for your child’s bedroom. This cute animal shaped diffuser comes with three different interchangeable ears, making it into a cute bunny, feisty fox, or precious bear. As the essential oils are diffused, the diffuser plays a series of relaxing music. Soothing, safe and very sleepy, the Forest Friends KidSafe Diffuser is a great way of helping your child get to sleep even after the most exciting of days!