Creepiest Game Show Moments on TV

We all enjoy a TV gameshow but sometimes things do not go to plan. When things do go wrong they can become TV gold, living in the memory for far longer than otherwise possible.

So let’s take a quick look at five of the creepiest game show moments on TV.

Number 1 on the list dates back to the Newlywed game – a show that aired in the 70s. It’s pretty creepy in our opinion anyway but hey it was the 70s and plenty of things were creepy back then including having a middle-aged man asking young couples about their sex lives in one notable episode.

Sometimes the game show contestants might seem normal enough but we later find out they are carrying a dark secret. Our second example of the creepiest game show moments on TV has gone down in TV history.

In the Dating Game 1978 one of the three potential dates behind the screen was introduced as Rodney Alcala. He came across as an aimable potential match but was actually a serial killer and rapist who was midway through a killing spree.

When he was caught, the press named him the Dating Game Killer. Vicious, sadistic and a sociopath he nevertheless managed to be chosen as Winning Bachelor. Luckily the woman who chose him turned down the chance of a date with him but she did have to kiss the show compere fully on the lips!

Number 3 originates In the UK, where another serial killer made his way onto a gameshow.

John Cooper was convicted of carrying out four murders and sexual assault on a 15 year old girl. In the middle of all this, he took time to appear on Bullseye a popular UK game show based on playing darts.

His TV appearance helped the police to indentify and convict the murderer.

Number 4 must be some of the creepiest game show moments on TV we have ever seen.  The game show called Just Like Mom was hosted by a married couple and aired in Canada in the 80s. It makes for difficult viewing as creepy compere Fergie Olver never lost a chance to kiss the young (11 year old) contestants and badger them with suggestive innuendo laden comments.

Sticking with the compere creep theme for number 5 ,is  anything starring Richard Dawson as host  because this always led to uncomfortable behaviour.

He was the compere of a show called Family Feud in the 80s and never lost an opportunity to get scarily close and inappropriate with the female contestants.  In one episode he suggestively flirts with a 12 year old before asking someone to get her a lollipop.