Best Classic Vintage Electric Guitars

You cannot talk about music without mentioning guitars and you certainly cannot talk about modern music without talking about without mentioning electric guitars.

Vintage guitars are of different types, there is the vintage acoustic guitars and the vintage electric guitars. The history of music has been significantly shaped by these instruments. A good number of the music we listen to this day is owed to these instruments. In this article, we are going to discuss some classic vintage electric guitars that we consider as the best.

Certainly, there are other types of vintage electric guitars but you cannot talk about classic vintage electric guitars without mentioning the ones on our list.

The guitars on this list are the ones that shaped the era of vintage electric guitars, there are:

Fender Stratocaster

Artists like Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour and Jimmy Hendrix has used this electric guitar. This electric guitar gained prominence in the public in the year 1954, it is regarded as one of the greatest guitars of all time, it succeeded the Fender Telecaster, it was made by Leo Fender.

After it was made this guitar became the first picked by the artists of every type of music that involved the use of guitars because of its versatility and broad spectrum of tones. This guitar is regarded as one of the instruments that have been copied most in the world, there are different copied versions of it out there. If you want to get an affordable version of this guitar it is advised that you get the Fender Standard Stratocaster because it has a feel and look that is very similar to the ones used by popular artists.

One of the most notable Fender Stratocaster is the Fender American Vintage ’59 Stratocaster. Most of the people and artists that used the Fender Stratocaster used the vintage type because vintage guitars sound more unique than modern guitars.

The output volume, layout, and material density of vintage guitars are more unique than modern guitars. These combine to give you that rich vintage tone that the Fender American Vintage ’59 Stratocaster produces. No matter the genre of music you play this guitar would work for you.

Les Paul Gibson

Some of the artists that have used this guitar are: the notorious Les Paul, Billy Gibbons, Jimmy Page, Slash, Peter Green, and Bob Marley. The Gibson Les Paul is regarded as one of the first signature guitars in the world. This guitar was partly designed by Les Paul (the jazz guitar player and inventor) he is the one that made the harmonica holder that Bob Dylan used.

The Les Paul Gibson is generally a rock and roll guitar although it can be used in other genres of music like jazz and blues. This guitar was used by the world-famous artist Bob Marley, many people called it his ‘secret weapon’. These electric vintage guitars have a full and rich tone, this is part of the reasons they are suitable for rock and roll, blues, and jazz.

Fender Telecaster

This electric vintage guitar has been used by artists like Keith Richards, Jeff Buckley, Syd Barrett, Springsteen, and Prince. This guitar is regarded as one of the most versatile vintage guitars ever made although many think it is only good for country music. It has been used to play almost every genre of music and it is highly adaptable in the studio that is why so many notable bands have used it.

The Fender Telecaster has a tangy and bright tone that produces the country vibe when it is played well. It was favored by lead guitar players.

As these are our favorites, there are so many more amazing electric guitars we found that we’ll probably end up making a second list. So, don’t worry if we missed your favorite this time around!