Skills you wished you learned when you were younger

Do you remember the experience when climbing on a stage and performing for your talent show in school? No? Well, that could be because you didn’t acquire any skills when you were younger. For others they could remember this experience awhile they were at least in their third grade or fourth grade, while some other individuals it was a built-up passion while growing up and watching amazing people sing, play the piano, or watch as they move their hands around the strings of vintage guitars. Whatever it is, it should be a memory to hold on to. 

There were times you’ve thought to yourself that some of the talents you have now were the talents that you were born to give people joy, but sadly it wasn’t the case, you might have thought that dancing, poetry, surfing, or playing the guitar would have been you greatest talent but you find yourself being average at the long run. Well if you are in the category of finding what sort of skill you wished you learned while you were younger, then this article is the place for you. Below are the best choice of skills you should have learned while you were younger that would have made you famous and if you are above 36 and are still trying to become famous by learning a skill, well you should get a job.

  1. Playing the guitar: Playing the guitar is considered one of the coolest musical instruments to play, it is an instrument played by famous bands and artists. Try telling someone that you are in a band or you play the guitar and see the joy in their faces. Amongst all the guitars, playing a vintage guitar gives you an exceptional sound and attention by the crowd. Also, you can choose a preferred sound ranging from country to blues music and several other genres.
  2. Playing the Piano: the melodious sound that comes out of a piano is enough to soothe the mind, having this skill at a young age can help as you grow older. Performing on a piano can make the whole excited. If you are the right age, it is never too late to learn the skill and be recognized by your peers and family members.
  3. Playing Sports: It is natural to see several decent people who are good at playing sports, but very rare to see exceptionally gifted individuals. People love sports in general, if you had considered playing sports, perhaps people would have loved to see you play, maybe even become one of the greatest sportsmen in history. 
  4. Dancing: Dancers are considered to be one of the best acrobats in history, their level of training and endurance is off the chart. Have you ever compared your calves with that of a dancer, then you would find out that it is not a joke? 
  5. Singing: Singing is so cool. It even gets exciting when you are very good at it. Singing is something that you can do in a sad or a good mood, you can sing to your family members, the choir, in a band, in a small gathering on the street or even a larger audience, either way, your voice can be used for bringing magical delights to the world. 

There is a chance that you have the talents that are listed above, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any talents, it could mean you haven’t discovered them yet. This is the reason why it is very important to build up a skill that can be helpful as you grow older.